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  1. if anyone can send me pics of how to replace clutch plates on a honda CRF250R i appriciate it. or if anyone can tell me a website to see how. E-mail Thanks, Kevin
  2. own a crf 250 r and loven it
  3. put the bike on a stand open up the oil drain check screw and fill it up till oil starts coming out of the oil check screw
  4. go with the 250 i own one and its awesome i wouldn't trade it for the world. The 450 is way to much power for tight tracks
  5. if you've done something to the piston then the chain tensioner might be to tight -or- the ignition is turn a little
  6. when you put new coolant in you have to check it to see if you need to add more, it goes up and down you have to let it run for awhile to see where the coolant level will stay every bike is a little differant. If you don't understand what i'm talking about tell me and i'll try to explane it simpilere. Hope it works. kEVIN