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  1. I've started riding again and wondered what type of riding protection you recommend for trail riding. I'm not a fast rider but occasionally have to have the adrenaline addiction fed. I'm not looking at spending $500+ dollars in gear but was curious about the basics you may recommend
  2. slowhatch

    My first XR400

    Just purchased my first XR400. It's a 98 model and it cost me $1500. It has a White Brothers pipe on it but I am not sure if the head pipe is factory or not. I'm also curious what the next mod should be. It seems stronger than the stock ones I've ridden before but the only mod I'm sure of is the pipe. Any help would be apprecitated.
  3. slowhatch

    chrome z50 pics

    The wife kept all the ladies away. She said it had to be fast enough to leave them behind.
  4. slowhatch

    chrome z50 pics

    Actually its off-roaded more than its ridden on the street. About once a month we'll go over to a friends house that has a mini motox track and ride or we'll ride around my house on subdivision constrution sites. Its just so clean because I took 2 hours with a can of metal polish cleaning it.
  5. slowhatch

    chrome z50 pics

    I know its not an xr or crf but I wanted to share a couple of pics of my chrome z50 as my 1st post on this board. Hope you like it. http://i22.photobucket.com./albums/b313/97slowhatch/DSC00025.jpg. http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b313/97slowhatch/DSC00030.jpg.