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  1. Blade Man

    Rock Stars Classic IV February 27th-28th

    Wow, I sure wish I was riding again by now. If it is half as good as it has been the last two years it will be the best ever. Good luck to all.
  2. Blade Man

    I'm here my kid is at Yellowstone River riding

    Very cool..... Literally!!!
  3. Blade Man

    Leg is fixed

    Very nice buy................Now go get it dirty & scratch it up. :lol: Oh, & have fun doing it.
  4. Blade Man

    Shoulder pics

    :lol: I am taking the same thing. It is generic for Purcoset. Same issues. I am only taking two before I go to bed so the pain does not wake me from sleeping so much. The rest of the time I am on Ibuprofen. First couple of days were really rough though as I had to have the meds all day. Like you said. VERY painful.
  5. Blade Man

    Shoulder pics

    Actually I would rather ride in the cooler weather anyhow if their is an up side to this at all.
  6. Blade Man

    G"stone Race

    Hey that looks like me.............only he is taking off of a jump & I would be landing:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :foul: :ride: :
  7. Blade Man

    Shoulder pics

    That is my Scapula. I did a bone head move that I have been working on & obviously have not perfected. It has literally crashed me hard three times now. In the old days you came around the corner too slow & you simply cut the jump short on your 2t. Now you don't have to maintain so much momentum in the corner to make the jump on your 4t so you just grab some throttle & roll on over. Of course if you break traction on the way up the launch & she get side ways................. you will probably cut it short & either plow into the face of a double/ triple with some side ways action or you will land short (as in my case) on a table or step up & bounce back with the whip taking you back around the other direction to land sideways on the hard pack landing area. My bike is particularly hard to land when it is side ways. :lol: I'm working on it though. Quite obviously. :lol: Oh............ Yes I am taking the pain pills.............. Two at a time. It wont go away. I have NEVER taken this much pain medication. I have not even washed off the bike from the crash. Maybe we could do a tech night at my house next week end to get the bike cleaned off & a damage assessment taken while I BBQ for everyone........ I could drop hints on how NOT to ride!!!
  8. Blade Man

    Shoulder pics

    I am looking at a min. of 6-8 weeks before I can start any therapy let alone real riding. I am going to try & bend those rules a little but not sure if I can. There is no cast, Only a sling if it helps & the pain keeps you from doing the things you should not for the most part if you are not on to many pain killers! I have no calcium deficiencies or any thing like that. The holes are from the bone being broken & the CT seeing through them due to misalignment. Believe it or not that is aparently an acceptable amount of misalignment. I am just lucky I don't need surgery & will defiantly be able to ride again as long as I give this a chance to heal properly. I need to talk to Steve hatch or someone in the field to find out what I can do to keep up with the PT so I am not in such bad shape when I get to get back on the bike. Hopefully I can stay in some kind of shape. Lately I have been heaving 12 ounces at a time & I don't think that is going to help much. Very hard some time to keep your head in the game when you KNOW you cannot ride for a while. I need to get out to the track & at least watch you guys to keep focused. Hope you are all ridding. :lol: Jace
  9. Blade Man

    Shoulder pics

    Hey I got my 3D CT scans back on disk & the bone is shattered in several places. I am uploading several different angles for you to see. Thebone is suposed to be basicaly smooth with no holes & no misalignment. They are not going to operate as the bones are close enough to alignment that they dont think they can improve on it with surgery. Probably just make it worse. Now it is just a long wait until I can ride again without puling things out of shape. Hope you guys are having fun rideing.
  10. Blade Man

    Canyon Raceway

    I raced my very first race ever there in 1988. 1/1 in the beginners class. I was 16 years old. The owner. Whoever that was. Had me race the novice class in between my motos & I got a 4th in that class. Have to race novice if I come back. Very fun track with some large elevation changes as I remember it. I was riding an 85 CR125R. Wish my body was 16 again.
  11. Blade Man

    GrindingStone Saturday

    Looks like you guys had a great time. Wish I could have come out. Trying to get some rest & heal up. Mabe I can bring JJ out next weekend to ride his fifty. I have to go back to the Orthopedic surgen on next Friday to have him look at my new CT scan on my shoulder. They tell me it is in 4 pieces but lined up well. Hopefully no surgery. If the pain goes down enough & I don't need surgery I can bring out JJ & maybe the 80 to putt around on to watch you guys ride. I am already green with envy & it has only been just over a week since I have ridden.
  12. Blade Man

    SW Thursday

    They are telling me 6 weeks. Ortho has to see Xrays to make sure I do not need surgery. Will be hearing from them on Monday with surgery on Wednesday if needed so probly longer if that is the case. I am hoping to be at work on Monday again if I can handle the pain. We shall see. Maybe I can ride the wifes CRF80 in the Beginner/Novice class until I get up to speed again:excuseme: Do they have a Crippled 30 + class? I also have training wheels for Jedrick's PW50 but it has dumped me pretty hard before just ask Brett. :thumbsup:
  13. Blade Man

    Jessica EllenMay Sanders

    THEY will have us BOTH BEAT before it is over.
  14. Blade Man

    SW Thursday

    Sorry for the wait. I just got home earlier & kinda passed out before I could post any more. Just woke up. Morphine:thumbsup: I slid the rear tire out to the left on the way up a step up in the back & it came down a little to the side. I came down short & bounced over the edge swaping out completely to the right side slaping it down over on the way down the landing side. 4th gear half throtle or so I think. I went over the bars hitting my left shoulder into the ground breaking off the shoulder pad from the chest protector. I am not sure how the bike is yet.
  15. Blade Man

    Jessica EllenMay Sanders

    A friend of mine always said if he had a girl he would name her bitch to save the rest of the world the trouble. Terrible huh