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  1. jwhitmore44

    ADV Rider

    They are upgrading the site and have new registrations turned off. I would say they should have it enabled by tomorrow or Friday at the latest.
  2. jwhitmore44

    Rampart was a blast....

    Ridding was good, went Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Saturday wasn't as busy as I thought it would be. Seems that most stay off the trails that are further out.
  3. jwhitmore44

    Might be Getting one of these Bikes?

    I'll probably get shot for this, but what the hey Kawasaki makes a nice 250 street legal dirt bike. If you get a XR you are going to have to make it street legal or find one that already is. I believe Suzuki also has some dual sport options in the 200cc to 400cc range. The Yamaha XT225 would be yet another option. Do you already own a dirt bike ? If so you may want to look into a street bike of 700cc or smaller. Look for one from the mid 80's if you want to keep the price down.
  4. jwhitmore44

    help grips

    Make sure you have the right grip on the throttle. The right grip has a larger diameter then the left. If you put the right grip on the left it will be too lose. the left grip on the throttle may cause the throttle to stick. (don't ask how I know )
  5. jwhitmore44

    xr400 ????? maby xr250

    Go with the 400, now I have never tried the 250 but can't imagine having less grunt then the 400 supplies. The weight may wear you out a little quicker but thats what practice is for Of course, your best bet is to try and ride both and see what feels better to you.
  6. Honda Nighthawk, put knobbies back on that XR and play with it where it was meant to be
  7. jwhitmore44

    tank bags??

    Now I like that
  8. jwhitmore44

    Diesel versus Gasoline Economics

    Gasohol, what you don't burn you can drink (ok , maybe not)
  9. jwhitmore44

    How big is big enough?

    Keep your enclosed trailer and buy a cab over camper ?
  10. jwhitmore44

    TTR230 Will not run without choke on!! help

    probably need a richer (bigger) pilot jet too.
  11. jwhitmore44

    has any one done tihs

    Most new forks have bleed screws so you can bleed air out of the forks. to much pressure in the forks will probably blow the fork seals. If you need a firmer ride you can go with a heavier weight fork oil or get some heavier springs.
  12. jwhitmore44

    TTR225, TTR230, TTR250 Which one?

    go with the 250, pick any flavor
  13. jwhitmore44

    motor swapping?

    Was it Service Honda that put the CRF250 motor into a CR125 frame ? Or was that a XR250 motor ?
  14. jwhitmore44

    whats the best front tire for the xr400?

    Make sure you sag is set. I was about ready to go looking for a new tire until I started reading here about setting your race sag. It stopped the front end from wanting to wash out all the time.
  15. jwhitmore44

    XR250 quit running and now won't start

    Sounds like fuel starvation. Make sure you are getting fuel to the carb. Pull the plug, make sure it's dry, apply the choke, and kick with the kill switch on. Then pull the plug and see if it is wet, it should be if you are getting fuel. You can check ignition by kicking the bike with the plug connected to the plug wire and held to the cylinder head. Just watch where you grab on to the plug/wire or you get a rude awakening