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  1. That would be great. But several problems. 1.) That's pretty one sided. It's just plain messed up of Budd's Creek. 2.) I need 4 sources to site.
  2. I need help picking a topic of controversy for my speech. I asked my professor if I could do the controversy between two stroke and four strokes, but she said that wouldn't keep the audience entertained. She also said, though, that I should keep it with mx or extreme sports since that's what I'm interested in. For the speech I have to present both sides of the controversy without so much as hinting on which side I stand for. So it's got to be something interesting, and something I can present both sides for equally. So that kinda kills the whole "riding area closed down" idea. Any ideas guys???
  3. Ricky: This chamagne is all mine!!! *Lightening strikes right in front of him* Ricky: Alright! Alright! You can have some too God!
  4. Grieby54

    Dusty Klatt to Cernics Kawasaki

    Actually, I'm pretty sure you did say he could be running Stewart's speed somewhere. I'm too lazy to dig for the quote... but I know it's there. And I think it's funny how I can scroll down the page and just by reading replies I can tell which ones of you are Canadian. Guys... he's good... but he's not gonna win, OR be consistant top 10. He might crack it occassionally... but serious. Admit you're wrong when you're wrong.
  5. Grieby54

    Dusty Klatt to Cernics Kawasaki

    Well if he's a joke what to does that make you? Unless you're making top 10 in the pro ranks I don't think you have any right to call him a joke. Yea... he didn't live up the the hype that the Canadians were making, but he's still fast as shit just to be out there.
  6. Goes to show everyone has their moments
  7. I be ride dem motorsickle supa fass! Over dem twiple jums!
  8. Hahaha... I saw this pic and the thread title is what immediately popped into my head.
  9. Grieby54

    Dusty Klatt to Cernics Kawasaki

    Annnnnd he's still probably gonna be midpack at best.
  10. Grieby54

    How do you whip ?

    Sure... you can change it a bit, but for drastic changes you're gonna have to whip. To learn to whip, my best advice is find a reasonable sized table or double that requires you to turn a bit in the air. Practice that and you should get it down. Remember though... the whip starts on the face of a jump.
  11. Grieby54

    I made my own step seat.

    Where'd you get that stuff you have on your numbers? The clear stuff with the bumps...