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  1. Does anyone know the cam spec's on the 06' RMZ 250's...?? Duration at @1mm, and lift? I'de like to save myself the trouble of throughing the degree wheel on there to find out! Thanks
  2. It is actually very easy to rotate the handguard down by slightly twisting the guard itself!! I have fit these mounts on many different models of bars with different bends and it doesn't take much to give them the angle you want!!
  3. Thanks, I'm getting a new bike in september so maybe I'll have my suspension setup then...
  4. I have an 05 450exc with the Berringer brake setup and dunlop 17" slicks, what changes do I have to make to the suspension to make it like the smr (springs, valving, fluid, sag, height) If anyone has this information available or knows where I can find it without tearing one apart I would much appreciate your help!!!