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  1. Adammotor, the floating rebound shim on the secondary piston is common since a few years now. Wp probably think that it gives enough damping. Earlir years do have a light rebound stack.
  2. Kurt, i believe that these years have a third bushing. Are these dlc coated legs? OC fork? Or CC? 14mm pusher rod inside, 28mm midvalve/cartridge. Not too bad a fork when you have the dark coated legs. You can make them very good. I know, since i have a set on my 2008 bike. Put a new set of skf seals on thm, and maybe replave the bushes.
  3. Guys, on the throttle my rear rebound is very good, off the throttle it is less predictable. I guess it is normall behaviour? The throttle helps the suspension, but is this issue rebound or more compression related.
  4. absolutely very informative. A must read pdf
  5. Can i give my opinion here? I like reading about suspensions, although i skip over all the: who do i use topics and all other recommendation topics. I make up my mind and read between the lines. Dave is on here a lot....... and normally i like his way of explaining how he thinks about suspension, but now and than i don't like his aggressiveness towards other members. He uses this board as an add. That can provoke others to comment. Active-ride is one of the suspension guru's that don't have an own marketing concept(correct me if i am wrong) like Dave has with his dell taco's, Like Race-tech's Gold valves concept, that needs protection. That is a different view. Ok, carry on..... and they all lived happily....
  6. check yr caliper. it is out of whack by a 0,01mm, these are all 0,10mm shims.
  7. Just nice info. i did not know that. Never heard anything on here about this amount of flex. 70mm is so much, maybe this guy exaggerates it a little, or ... is he for real? I am a hobby rider that gets away with 48mm legs:thumbsup:
  8. Bump..... incredible... 70mm flex.
  9. An other trick is measure were your forks stay when riding flat terrain. Have a look at your forkleg protector. Keep in mind that you have to ride it with a half full tank to get the best estimate. At a certain point on the protector i know what my sag is. I ride at aprox 70mm. The measuring device for fork springs can be done by putting weight on the spring and measure the difference when increasing the weight. A weight of a lifterweight is nice.
  10. Pushing the seat will also make you smile. These seals are .
  11. You want to run yr rebound-clickers as close as possible. Close the clickers by 10, loose one faceshim.
  12. Very interesting setup indeed. Question is, what how does it compare with a rebound-setup that has less lowspeed shims and closed clickers settings?
  13. well, kawamaha, i scrolled tru yr latest messages and cld not see any news about yr idea to this set-up. What were yr thoughts trying this set-up? Yr rebound stack is like this: 1x faceshim 1x26.1 crossover the rest of the faceshims? an other crossover? tapered stack
  14. Come on guys, not so conservative. Dave's been mixing his stuff and came up with something decent, so they say.
  15. Does it mix? Well, as long as you keep the same oil for a longer time it cld work. Offcourse you have no idea of what vi you are running, or do you have the specs sheets available?