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  1. fullmetal

    N. Fla, Dirtfarm, Alma, etc?

    N. Fla or Hilliard is a neat track. Very friendly people. Nothing too intimidating on the track. I think there are 2 or 3 doubles and the rest are table tops. More of a clay base than the sand we normally find in florida (but still a bit sandy, and there is one sand corner). To me its certainly worth the 2-3 hour drive for an afternoon of riding.
  2. fullmetal

    BOLO Stolen Bike 2008 CRF450R Northern/Central Florida

    IDK what happened to that last photo
  3. fullmetal

    BOLO Stolen Bike 2008 CRF450R Northern/Central Florida

    Yes you have and correct on the location. You were there at Hardrock when I had the big off and the concussion.
  4. fullmetal

    BOLO Stolen Bike 2008 CRF450R Northern/Central Florida

    I had the police here Wednesday morning when I found it missing and we've got it in the system. I also went to Ride Now, Martins Yamaha and a bunch of independant shops with photos,the VIN and my contact info.
  5. fullmetal

    BOLO Stolen Bike 2008 CRF450R Northern/Central Florida

    It looks closer to the 2nd pic, the only difference will be is I had the OEM dirt rear wheel with a gold DID chain and red vortex sprocket. I was in the middle of swapping the dirt gear back onto the bike when they took it.
  6. This bike was taken from my garage Tuesday night 7/21 in Ocala, Florida As the bike sat it had the blue/red Warp 9 17” supermoto front wheel and the oem 18” rear motocross wheel, supermoto fender and a blown left fork seal. Bike had White Acrebis bodywork with One Industries red white and blue graphics. If thoroughly inspected other identifiers include a weld to the left engine case, a cracked subframe on the left side near the upper connection to the frame and the cap of the exhaust is also dented. VIN: JH2PE05338M605032 I've poured a lot of time, money and sweat into building/repairing this bike and anyone who assists in seeing it returned home will be rewarded.
  7. So last weekend I ran into the issue of oil migration in my 08 (was blowing a ton of oil out of the valve breather but when I inspected the engine oil side it was full to the filler cap and when I inspected the tranmission side it was pretty much empty). So I did a search here and found the oil migrating issue to be common, and someone always has a fix for them. Also I noted that everyone seems to say you need to use OEM seals. Im looking for a list of the seals I need to replace to solve this problem. Thus far the only concrete seal I've seen is this: 91202-MEY-671 (or part #19 on the parts fiche) can anyone help me with the additional parts/seals I need to replace?
  8. fullmetal

    Crf 450r bored and stroked

    yup, stock cam and stock pipe. They are next on the upgrade list.
  9. fullmetal

    Crf 450r bored and stroked

    are you saying you dont like top end power you're getting or you cant get to the top of the rev range? I've also done the big bore + stroker crank and while I leaned the jetting a little, its still too rich and bogs down in the midrange approaching the top. Another thing to consider is that you've increased the stroke and added weight to the piston so the engine is going rev slower.
  10. fullmetal

    511 starting problems

    Shawn, what brand big bore and what brand crank did you put in there? I'll check the timing either tonight or tomorrow
  11. fullmetal

    Rotella T6 engine oil weight and reliability

    been using it in race bikes (95 CBR600 F3, F4i and 600RR) since 2006. Used it in the CRF with the exception of the break in rides.
  12. fullmetal

    511 starting problems

    so is there a way to adjust the decompression on the 08? They dont have the arm assembly like on the 06 that has an adjustment.
  13. fullmetal

    511 starting problems

    I played with it the first day as it would occasionally stall while trying to idle. For the 2nd ride I had it set so the idle was steady and wasn't an issue. A buddy called me a little while after posting and suggested the decompression may not be set correctly as that would certainly give me the hard to kick tendencies and the broken kick starters (just broke #3 this morning). Once again, now with a broken kickstarter I have incentive to tear the bike apart (again) and look into the decompression bit.
  14. fullmetal

    511 starting problems

    So I've had the bike back for a few weeks now. When I first got it back, it took a song and a dance to get the thing started (choke on, 3 throttle twitsts, 4 slow kicks all the way through, down 1 click to get past the TDC, back up and kick through hard. Repeat the last bit 3 or 4 times) Did the break in ride, obviously when the engine was hot it took a little less to get it started. During the break in I noticed it popped a lot on decel. Took it out for a 2nd day a few weeks ago and it was a little more predictable to start, though I still had to click past tdc as even with my pretty large legs the kick starter wasnt moving at full compression. still popped on decel and it was suggested to move the clip on the needle down 1 or 2 slots. As luck would have it, when I went to take it out the next day I broke the kick starter on the first kick (2nd time I've done that. 1st time was the ride before the rebuild. So now I had incentive to go into the carb and mess with the needle while I replaced the collar on the kick starter... Well I went down a couple of clips slots, put it back together and nothing, not even a sputter when kicking it over.... Went ahead and tried coming up 1 clip, and I get the same thing. Maybe they meant up on the clip to bring the needle down, nothing doin. Put it back where it was, it popped but at least it worked before, and still not even a cough trying to get it started. The valves have an hour & a half on them so seriously doubt theyre the issue. the carb jetting was redone for the big bore/stroker kit and it came down a few sizes from stock. No cam work or exhaust done. Anyone have any suggestions?
  15. fullmetal

    Re-jet for 511 motor

    thanks for the help guys. The additional bottom end torque would help me a ton as Im a bigger guy (6'3", 250ish lbs) in getting off the corner better and lugging my fat ass around. I'll see how the stock cam feels for now. Im going to be running the same bike in supermoto as well, so I'd also like some more mid to top end as well. So the stage 2 cam may be in the immediate future. I've heard of a stage 3 cam that should give me more bottom and top end but can't seem to find it for my bike (or maybe its a myth)...