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  1. dirtdog426

    hand cramping

    so when i go on rides when i start to push it my hands start to cramp very badly. i try to hold the bars loosely but it still happens, i also drink alot of water and nothing else cramps except for my hands. does anyone else have this problem? and any ideas to help it?
  2. dirtdog426

    Energy Drinks

    I see a lot of people drinking energy drinks before races and i was wondering if they are good to drink before a race? Also if they are which ones are the best?
  3. dirtdog426


    show me some pics of your rmz's
  4. dirtdog426

    RMZ/KXF-250 pipe

    I was wondering if anyone had a stock or aftermarket pipe for a rmz/kxf 250 04-06 they would like to sell.