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  1. Zmac125

    not a helmet seen anywhere..

    did this seriously get posted again
  2. Zmac125

    Yike, this dude is awesome!!

    who f***in cares if i doesn't have anything to do with riding that was amazinggggg
  3. Zmac125

    Nasty Crash

    i was on the bike?
  4. Zmac125

    Nasty Crash

    ya i kno, my dad rode in behind me and told me to take his bike and when i got to the next reset everyone was talking about it.... sorry to hear about your bike what class you run
  5. Zmac125

    Cut my fenders

    why do freestyle riders do this
  6. Zmac125

    Nasty Crash

    there ya go fixed them... were you at the race
  7. Zmac125

    Nasty Crash

    Rode an enduro last weekend in Louisianna. Hit a root and it shot me right off into a tree. I was fine but my bike:cry:
  8. Zmac125

    First attempt to build a ramp!

    you can try first: )
  9. is the guy that posted this ever gonna come on and explain why he did this?
  10. cause he's the best and kno's it... ricky retired just in time... he isn't crashing every corner anymore he can't be beat
  11. Zmac125

    Bubba age 13

  12. Zmac125


    http://dirt-bike-2.freeonlinegames.com/ play this.. funnest game ever
  13. Zmac125

    how mental is this guy

    haha i agree people stop bashing this guy he is just a good rider havin fun... amazing video tho:applause: