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    1986 Yamaha TT350

    I have to say that I am glad that this forum is alive and well and that I am a proud owner of a used 86 TT350. One of my dream bikes from my younger years but was never able to afford a brand new one. I owned an 84 TT600 some years back and I remember before running this thing on the trails that I would take off the top end and clean her up. Talk about almost and damn near impossible. The "Top End" was composed of an upper top end and a lower top end. Trying to get those metric screws out where almost as bad as taking a shit that you knew was going to blow an "O" Ring. I had to tap out a few, but always wondered if the compression from a four-stroke resulted in almost having to have those screws torqued down?? Anyways I no longer have the bike; stolen as it was. I think someone wanted to built a tank and this was best model to build one against. On to my question for my current bike - What should I be looking at when I first start going over the bike and what are the problem areas that need to be addressed before taking her out on the trails?? Is this a great little trail bike? Thanks much! Mark