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  1. bigbull

    110 4sp sprocket gearing

    did you put the 4 spd shift drum in yourself ?
  2. bigbull

    poping out of gear

    Today I was riding ,and after I stopped to talk to my friends about the jump we just built I rev ed the bike up a few times and it jumped in gear and jumped out from under me. WHAT would it be. Clutch? Broken pins on stock shifting star?
  3. bigbull

    inner rotar for 110

    Has anybody put the kitco inner rotor kit on their 110.If so , Does it make a big differance in the performance of the bike?
  4. bigbull

    inner rotar for 110

    Has anybody put the kitco inner rotor kit on their 110.If so , Does it make abig differance in the performance of the bike?
  5. bigbull

    top end

    Has anybody tried out the high compression piston for the stock bore on a drz110 from pax racing .
  6. bigbull


    I'm using the elka shock which is awesome. The damping rods make a diff and they were about 1 3/4 longer than stock The springs are alot better to, When you change them out you will be like holy crap how was I riding on those. How do you put your pic on your avatar ?
  7. bigbull

    pipes for 110

    I have the yosh and it sounds great and great performance but it was $250. I think its well worth it.
  8. bigbull

    yoshi pipe

    I have one on my drz 110 and it sounds like a 450 and a big po wer gain
  9. bigbull


    It took me 2 hrs to take everything off and put new on and I was busting my butt to get it on so I could ride it. I still need to adjust the shock some that takes awhile. The kickstarter is off a kx 60.
  10. bigbull


    Go to my garage to see pics.
  11. bigbull


    I live in Fredericksburg
  12. bigbull


    YES it does raise the front up enough. I can't find the cord that goes from the camera to PC ,When I find it you can see what it looks like. I'm 23 and 200 lbs and everything is fine for me.
  13. bigbull


    I'll take some pics tomarrow. It raised it more than an 1.5 .I didn't measure it I was so stoked to get it on .I jumped it and it was a hole nother world .VERY PLUSH. I have the longer rods and stiffer springs on the front .
  14. bigbull


    Sometimes when I go to shift into 2nd gear sometimes it don't go , It's like it's hung in between gears. Can anybody help me out