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  1. 60FAST

    2002 CRF450R - daily beater?

    I have a 02 CRF450R and it definitely is not a good daily street bike. However, I put on a Baja designs lighting kit so I can go into town to gas up and head back to the trails. I also put on a heavier fly wheel to try to tame it in the technical stuff. It will cruise smoothly at 45-50 mph (according to gps) w/ stock gears. Of course it will go a lot faster but I'm not comfortable with the high revs for a long period of time. Definitely a fun bike!
  2. 60FAST

    Lights on a CRF450R question

    I have a baja designs lighting kit on my 02 with 11 oz flywheel and rewound stator. I haven't noticed any difference except less staling in trails. I am pleased with the set up and even was able to get a tag.
  3. 60FAST

    Disapointed by CRF

    I agree that you should give it some more seat time before selling. The CRF450R is a narly bike for trail riding if you're not wanting to go all out all the time. After a few more rides, access if it is the right bike for your riding style & conditions. First gear is a bit tall for trail riding as expected for a mx bike. I do mostly trail riding so I put on a heavier flywheel and it did seem to make the power a little more controlable in tight spots. (Can't really say it tamed it down.) My buddy has a CRF250X and it is awesome for trail riding. Not as much power but nimble and controlable. I still prefer my 450 but the 250 is a great alternative for trail riding. Keep in mind that the 450R was designed for racing. Enjoy!
  4. 60FAST

    Cheap, smart, street legal

    Bob, I was under the same impression; so, I called the Texas DMV. They told me to call the dept. of pub safety and then DoPS told me to call the County Tax Office. Finally, they said that if it is modified with state required equipment and passes inspection, has insurance, and clean title they will issue a tag. I am still in the process of modifying my bike and have not put it to the test. I'll post whether or not I successfully get a tag in a couple of weeks. My title does say OFF HIGHWAY on it; so wish me luck. My disclaimer, call your local DMV (or county tax office) and inquire. No garuantees that they will give you good direction. Additionally, I was able to get motorcycle insurance with Progressive. Some companies will not insure off highway bikes. I've seen off highway bikes with tags on the trails. How are you guys getting tags??
  5. 60FAST

    transmission oil won't fill/drain??

    Thanks for better clarifying the location of the drain bolts. That is what I was trying to say while looking at the service manual but you described the location of the bolts better. Both bolts require a 12mm socket. 02-03 torque 22 N-m, 16 Lb-Ft. After 03 torque 16 N-m, 12 Lb-Ft. (too many bad experiences stripping threads...I always use a torque wrench now)
  6. 60FAST

    transmission oil won't fill/drain??

    The more I think about your initial comments...did your friend possibly drain the tranny fluid and fill the engine oil? I'm not much of a mech so it wasn't real intuitive for me....The drain bolts for engine oil and transmission oil are both on the left side (left foot side) of the bike. The engine oil drain bolt is located in the far bottom right of the crank case. The transmission drain bolt is located from the left side but is kind of under the engine by where the shifter attaches.
  7. 60FAST

    transmission oil won't fill/drain??

    Sight glass is just for engine oil. Transmission has a check bolt to remove to check level. Also, this may be obvious but remove the filler cap when checking or draining the oils to ensure flow (I sometimes forget the obvious when checking tranny oil). Hope this helps!
  8. 60FAST

    transmission oil won't fill/drain??

    The CRF450R service manual recommends starting the engine and letting it idle for 3-5 minutes before driaining the transmission oil. This will ensure complete & rapid draining. Make sure the bike is in an upright position. Additionally, for draining the ENGINE OIL, the manual recommends kicking it over ~5 times WHILE HOLDING THE KILL SWITCH. I use a Billy Who funnel which works great especially for bikes with a skid plate.
  9. 60FAST

    Cheap, smart, street legal

    I am in the process of making mine street legal as well. First check w/ the dmv for the requirements in your state. For TX, I was told that I need a passed inspection slip (local Honda shop said that they will inspect it), proof of insurance, and the title to get the tag. They said that they don't need to see the bike as long as it passes state inspection. I am going with the Baja design kit. Today, I heard from a Honda mech. that the Eline kit is a little easier to install but they are both good kits. I am also increasing my flywheel 9 oz. It will be a kick riding my CRF to work in downtown Houston. That's something you don't see everyday.
  10. I only ride my CRF450R on off road trails and would like to replace my stock chain & sprockets with a stronger, low maintenance chain such as an o-ring chain. However, I heard that there is not much clearance between the front sprocket and engine with an o-ring chain. Anyone successfully using o-ring chains? Recommended Brand? Other suggestions? Also, I plan to tag it and ride on the street some (to get to the trails) and think I should lower the # of teeth on the rear? Any suggest for dual sport set up? Thanks!!