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  1. This will be the icing on the "stroker" cake! Flywheel puller on stand by!
  2. CD_Racing

    What did you do with your stock exhaust

    I modified it and adapted it to fit my generator. Had to cut it up and make a flange to fit the exhaust port on the generator. I was messn around in my shop one day and was wondering what I could do with the OEM boat anchor exhaust. Looked at the generator and had a bright idea... . Didn't make it much difference in the noise level of the generator but I had fun doing the chop cut rebuild.
  3. CD_Racing

    65 MPG on a DRZ400

    I can only get about 40mpg give or take a couple on my 08sm. Last week I did 83 miles to reserve. I'm running one of Eddie's strokers so it will def get it's exercise every ride. I don't really care what the mileage is, but I could use a little more range for sure, just can't bring myself to put an ugly (IMO) IMS tank on it. So I fill up whenever I see a station when riding in BFE.
  4. CD_Racing

    What's your favourite riders accessory?

    For me it would have to be quality gear for street and dirt. I ride my SM only on the street and I will not ride until I have all my gear on. I especialy like my Draggin Jeans, they appear to be regular jeans but are lined with kevlar. They will give you a little more 'burn time' in a get off on pavement. Another, is good long term disability... I hope to never need either http://dragginjeans.com/
  5. CD_Racing

    Rear hub bearing issues DRZ S

    When I install new bearings I always use a small pick and pull the rubber seal off and pack the bearing full with water proof grease. The factory puts very little of what, to me, amounts to vasoline. After packing just reinstall bearing seal. You might give this a try to see if you can extended the service life of the bearings.
  6. CD_Racing

    Super Moto Engineering rear axle block/slider

    Ordered mine From Wheeling cycle. http://www.wheelingcyclesupply.com/shop/3/17/index.shtml
  7. CD_Racing

    Super Moto Engineering rear axle block/slider

    I just put a set of SME's on for the front, rear and handguards last week. Very good fit / finish. I thought like some of the others said, they don't stick out very far, but I hope to never test them. They are a little $$$ but those little POS insert sliders are useless. One of the insert sliders I had fell off in a parking lot, I just left it, pure junk.
  8. I'm down for one as soon as they are available...
  9. I had one on my stroker for a grand total of 25 miles before it sheared the key, taper was off. But I sure liked it for those 25. Put the stock back on because even if they replaced it, I would have a hard time trusting it far from home. Getting the OEM machined is what I was thinking as well. Just have to know where to cut and how much.
  10. CD_Racing

    Hawaii dirtbike tour.

    I was lucky enough to do the 'Moto Hawaii' in 2005. I took my own gear with me back then. Would not even try that today with all the BS the airlines make you deal with these days. It was the best ride ever, my favorite part of my 2 week vacation. But like others have said, it is no more from what I have heard. Had about 12 guys and 3 guides on our ride. No trouble sleeping that night. Good luck finding a place to ride.
  11. CD_Racing

    How far & where did you ride today.

    Rode to Yorktown battlefield down the Colonial Parkway over to Colonial Williamsburg / Jamestown, aka, the historic triangle. Put in about 70 miles before the temps went to 100* and called it a day.
  12. CD_Racing

    Big Bore ate my clutch

    Stock Clutch will handle the power of the 440 as well as one of Eddie's strokers. Either your out of adjustment or you are using the wrong oil. Most go back with OEM clutch when the time comes to replace.
  13. CD_Racing

    OIL LEAK coming from.............

    Without more information or a pic, I would guess that you are talking about the shift indicator switch. If it is leaking oil either the screws are loose or the O ring has failed or is out of place.
  14. CD_Racing

    How do you guys lift your bikes?

    I fabricated an adaptor for my floor jack. I just take the cup off the jack and attach the rig that I made to the jack.