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  1. 2005 KTM 450sx, just put a new chain on this bike, it was my brothers bike and ive never owned a KTM before, my brother said i should not follow the manual for chain adjustment, 8-10 cm. I sat on the bike and he adjusted the chain, it has about 3 fingers at the chain guard on top of the swing arm when im seated and 4 fingers when there is no load. It seemed like a loose chain but when i set it to stock specs based on the manual, when it was preloaded the chain was very tight and i was concerned for the bearing etc. What has everyone else done in this situation? also i dropped it to a 12 tooth on the front, it just slightly touches the black plastic chain guard near the turndown at the front sprocket so i trimmed it slightly, is this going to be a problem? thanks for any advice chris.
  2. cfauver

    4 wheeler web site

    thanks guys for all the help. i have a foreman i want to sell not sure where to post it. thanks
  3. can anyone tell me the web address for the atv/ four wheeler website? thanks
  4. cfauver

    Honda 4 wheeler web site

    does anyone know what the link to the 4 wheeler web site is? thanks
  5. just bought this bike and im not familiar with oil change procedure. where is the engine and trans drain at? thanks
  6. cfauver

    coolant around the waterpump tube???

    if you let the bike idle for 45 secs it will get hot, you might have a little coolant loss and not see it in the rad. also if there is fluid on the lines it can run back down overnight. just check your lines from the rad down if they look like they have been dry for sometime just pull the o ring seal and replace.
  7. i have an 01 426, been reading about the power now and power now plus, has anyone used this? does it result in increased performance? what about changing my reeds? i have big gun exhaust dropped cogs to a 13/51 setup, run 93 octane, bike is fast but im wanting cr500 snap out of a 4 stroke is that possible? thanks
  8. cfauver

    coolant around the waterpump tube???

    before you go to extremes, first check your overflow tube, you can have a slight overflow and it tracks down the rad lines and settle on the lip of the water pump. sometimes you dont see any coolant on the overflow or surrounding areas. does it do this all the time, and does it seep back out of the fitting when you dry it off?