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    racing, mtn. bike, MXvsATV, and wrenching in spare time
  1. RMZ114

    self interview.

    Name- Chance Harvey nick names- Chancery age /bday- 17...June 23 home town- Kingston, TN years riding-7ish bike (s) - Kawi 450's class(es) - 250B andFour Stroke Favorite obstacle - deep rutted or sandy corners what got you into riding?- my dad brought home a junker 1993 DS80 and it was on from there favorite place to ride/ race- Thunder Valley Mx in Livingston, TN accomplishments- won a few local series, some southern all stars here and there over the years most memorable moment- too many memorable moments to single out just one injuries- collarbone x2, right ankle, few ribs, and the left pinky x2 aspirations- to make a career out of this who inspires you- RC..the greatest inspiration there is for somebody like me fav riders- ever=RC..up and coming fast guys=RV no question what do you think of racing as it is now?- super competitive..its insane the level everybody is riding at now and how much the abuse the bikes can handle..theres no limit to the possibilities what do you think of FMX as it is now?- sketchy what would you change about the moto industry?- fix and/or replace the ama as a sanctioning body pet peeves?- goofy quads doing donuts in the pits...the worst thing on earth what else do you do besides dirt bikes?- Mountain bike, road bike, the gym every day, some paintball, fishing here and there..tennis and golf now and then are a pretty good change of pace Fav bands.- Chevelle, The Exies, Breaking Benjamin..and anything Lil Wayne is on is absolutely sick Ever get anything for free?? ( No stealing)- little stuff here and there from the local shop describe what riding is to you.- life Sponsors.- mostly mom and dad..can't thank them enough
  2. RMZ114

    some pics from today, i learnt how to whip

    oh and by the way, that dirt looks perfecttttt..much better than the baked hardpack stuff here in east tennessee as of late
  3. RMZ114

    some pics from today, i learnt how to whip

    nice man...you definitely have the right idea..looks like a fun tech little jump too...the woods are sketchy but it looks like a lot of fun...more practice and a little bigger of a jump and you should be right there at a jbs level lol....
  4. RMZ114

    On the Track...

    just hold your line..the faster rider will find a way around and will appreciate not being held up or worse, taken out, by a swerving lapper...
  5. RMZ114

    buying a few sets of gear. suggestions?

    ive got a pair of thor phase for practice gear and its pretty good stuff especially for the price..lightweight, fairly durable, super comfy...nothing really to complain about with it other than maybe the core looks better...i have 3 sets of core stuff but sometimes on hotter days at races find myself wearing my practice phase stuff just for comfort and ventilation....thor also makes fully vented a/c stuff for summer but i've never really tried it
  6. RMZ114

    advance cornering question...

    yea..like i said it had gone against everything i had learned previously about cornering..of course everywhere that we practiced it was more hardpack tight sx style stuff so maybe it applies there more than anywhere else where the track actually gets rough....or who knows i could have interpreted it completely wrong in the first place..ive been known to do that with things before lol
  7. RMZ114

    advance cornering question...

    yea my bad when its extra rough then stand....slipped my mind
  8. RMZ114

    Approaching whoops: What to aim for?

    it kind of depends on the type of whoops on the way you approach them..but for all whoops the basic way to hit them is lean your body weight pretty far back, standing, grip with your legs, be in a high gear so A. no shifting in the middle of the whoops section and B. your suspension works smoother through them..and just stay steady on the gas all the way through them...and commit..if you let off your front end drops..the faster you're going when you let off the gas the more likely it is you're taking a trip over the bars..so commit
  9. RMZ114

    advance cornering question...

    yes definitely try that but instead of standing up and leaning back, try sitting down on the very very front of your seat near the gas cap, but leaning back as far as you can while still keeping your elbows slightly bent..charge forward with your head over the bars then when its time to brake sit down on the front and lean back all in one motion while getting on the brakes...both brakes, being on the back as well makes puts even pressure on both the front and the back of the bike so that the front end wants to wash out less...if you're leaning too far forward and putting too much weight up there, it will want to wash out, same as leaning too far backwards...ive always heard the stand up and lean back technique too but all that changed after riding with matt walker in ga for a few days..he told us the complete opposite..it sounded weird but after doing it a few times it was easy to see the difference
  10. RMZ114

    ANOTHER cornering form thread(pics)

    haha...Thanks guys that's basically what I noticed too was the looking ahead thing. I'll make sure to work on that and as for the cones thing that really does help..I have a figure eight now too which has helped quite a bit with the foot dragging and just picking my overall speed up...but any more tips are much appreciated.
  11. I know I know there are tons of these but ive got serious issues lol..ive kind of hit a plateau with my speed and havent been progressing like I want...i feel solid overall but i know there are some things to work on, as there always is...cornering can always be improved obviously so i think i should start there...and maybe go back to the basics of it and make sure im doing everything right..i know its hard to tell from just two pictures but thats better than nothing..so..hows my form? Anything majorly obvious that im doing wrong? im a top B rider locally and regionally pretty consistently but i'd like to be able to carry that over to the national level and get some good finishes this year..ive got all the time in the world to work on it i just need a little help figuring out what else to work on..if that makes sense..thanks in advance:ride:
  12. RMZ114

    Fastest state!

    RC=Florida James Stewart=Florida Adam Cianciarulo=Florida(he'll be the next RC/JBS level rider coming out of amateurs) ...so pretty much we all agree on Florida(talentwise, Cali can't even compare, sorry guys) then California is obviously 2nd after that its 3-5, being Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina(not necessarily in that order) So basically, the Southeast is where it's at speedwise.
  13. RMZ114

    Carmichael to NASCAR?????

    MAYBE, he tested and found out it was too EASY a motorsport for a racer of his caliber so he decided to race mx for a few more years......haha, just kidding
  14. RMZ114

    Can i handle a 125?

    You're actually about perfect for a 125.There's no rule that says both your feet have to touch or anything, so I say go for it.
  15. RMZ114

    How many??

    68.5 hrs on my practice bike since february 24.7 hrs on my race bike since feb. also 0 problems, valves STILL in spec on both bikes, doing a top end on each next week just because. I ride it pretty hard I guess you could say, A class anyway, and the only problems I've had are a broken rear fender on both bikes, my bar mount basically ripped out of the top triple clamp on my practice bike(don't ask me how, i guess the bars just hit at a weird angle.), and I trashed a back wheel(again, obviously my fault)...will ride these until february then picking up 07's before Loretta's qualifiers...heck, may keep these around after that just because...