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  1. Ive had my bike about a year and its gone out three times so far. The first two the dealer picked up the tab, but the third I did myself. When I got in there it looked like they had put the water seal in backwards! That was about six months ago and I haven't had it leak since. My point is make sure your putting them in correctly
  2. Ive done several races their but none of the stuff they were doing. I cant believe how good Cole Kirkpatrick did. Once I rode on a row with him, his brother, and his dad at an enduro in blackwell Texas. I'll have to go next time.
  3. You should, Ive had to replace 3 water seals.
  4. When I clean mine I always take it off, run kerosene over it, (or if its really dirty soak it in kerosene) brush every side of it with a toothbrush, rinse with water, towel dry, spray entire chain with WD40, let dry, and reinstall. I also thoroughly WD40 it after every wash. As for chain lube I use bell ray, but if you use the super clean it will stain every thing you spray, white.
  5. Even with a brace on when I put force on it like catching myself on a turn or going off a jump, the thing kinda moves to the side and hurts like The first race for next season is at the end of January, Id rather skip the rest of this season and be fairly healed for next year. If I have to skip the first couple I can, I get two drops a year. Thanks for the advice though.
  6. I own "how to win an enduro 2" it has some stuff about taking turns, going over logs and such.
  7. Anybody ever tear there acl while they were riding? I tore one at a practice for a grand prix a couple of weeks ago. I skipped the actual grand prix, but I borrowed a brace and raced the enduro that sunday(my whole reason for going). I still got first in my class and got fourth overall beating 60+ other guys. I have surgery this wednesday so I don't get to do the remaining five races this season and all the year end points I racked up are now worthless all for a practice for a race I didn't really care that much about anyway I'm not trying to brag I just thought that was cool/sad
  8. The top speed is somewhere around 85 so it shouldnt have any trouble keeping up with highway traffic. As for a dual sport kit I dont know.
  9. Nice song choice, System of a Down is the shit. I just got back from their concert in Dallas it was bad ass. Allot of moshing plus this girl had her top off for like 30 minutes
  10. I should be at Caney Creek. I race all the high plains races, and this season the championship races.
  11. Cloudcroft is coming up on 9/11 its a pretty easy ride mostly fourwheeler trails, its got allot of fast stuff thats fun. the grandprix the day before is a blast you get to ride on a ski slope. Definitely worth the trip
  12. Any one else race the "Texas state championship enduro circuit"?
  13. Amarillo
  14. I'm selling my crf450 and moving to KTM. I race enduros so I thought the exc would be the way to go, I am also pondering a xc. But I cant decide between the 250 2 stroke or the 450 4 stroke,I like the power of my honda but am concern about the weight and maintenance of 450. I live in north Texas so theres not a ton of tight stuff, mostly sand where I ride for fun but I do race allot of enduros and some of them are pretty woodsy. I realize ya ll have a bias oppinion since this is thumper talk but any advice would help. 6ft 2in 180 lbs