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  1. What if you don't have the original shock? My son bought his girlfriend a 03 150f the rear shock broke shortly after (shaft was welded poorly). Investigation showed it's not stock or easily repairable, and we've not been able to ebay a replacement. So is the cr85 shock the only one that is usable or will something else fit, ie crf230? Thanks
  2. mikemahood

    Any Suggestions?

    Ok, cleaned the carb, reed valve etc it's running better but I have a couple of questions 1 the reed valve has what looks like fiberglass on the top and carbon fiber on the other is that standard? 2. When you kick start the bike, cold without choke it starts first kick everytime and idles very fast till it warms (10-15 sec) then slows to an idle is that normal . 3. Just before the bike runs out of gas the engine speeds up substantially until it dies from lack of fuel. Any comments welcome thanks
  3. mikemahood

    Any Suggestions?

    Update, loosened and re-torqued the head bolts, not sure it helped the smoking any although it doesn't have that faint odour of burning coolant anymore. Adjusted the main needle to the second position(third is factory) to lean it out a bit, that help a little. I tried adjusting the air mixture screw and noticed something interesting. While idling I can close the screw off completely and after a while it'll start to choke out but from 1/4 turn to having the screw turned totally loose makes no difference in the idle speed. Any ideas? btw I've had the carb apart and cleaned everything. Thanks.
  4. mikemahood

    Any Suggestions?

    New seals, gaskets, power valve moves when you rev it but I'll check alignment again when I pull the head. I put the head gasket on dry I've seen people use sealer on them any comments? Thanks
  5. mikemahood

    Any Suggestions?

    I recently picked up a 90 kx125 with a seized main. Replaced the main bearing put it all back together. Cleaned the carb. The bike starts first kick but it sputters it's way through the full rpm range in first. Then again in second till it hits the power band then all hell breaks loose. From that point on all through the gears it pulls strong as long as it's in the power band. It reminds me of my two strokes back in the 70's that would run crappy once in a while till you cranked them and cleaned them out. The only problem I see right now is that the head isn't sealed perfect and I get a little bit of white smoke with a faint smell of coolant burning. I'll fix that but could that be causing this problem? It also spits more two stroke oil than I'm use to. Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. mikemahood

    XR200 DOT Tire Options

    Hi, I've got a street legal 92 XR200. My problem is finding a DOT approved 17" rear tire for it. I ride 90% off road so I want something aggressive, to date I've always run regular knobbies but one of these days I'm going to get pulled over by someone with a chip on his shoulder. Any tire suggestion would be appreciated, thus far I've not been able to find a decent dot tire for this bike. Thanks, Mike
  7. mikemahood

    XR200 Shifting Problem

    What happens is I'll try to put it up into second and it won't go, I'll give it a couple of stabs till I feel it click in but after I let the clutch out sometimes it'll grab for a second then drop into neutral. Odd thing is one day I can ride for an hour and never have a problem, another time I'll be out for 15 minutes, it'll miss one shift and I'll have problems for the rest of the ride
  8. mikemahood

    XR200 Shifting Problem

    Hi all, I have a 1992 XR200. After riding for a while I have a problem with it not going into 2nd gear, then occasionally after going into second it will pop out when I apply throttle. Anyone have any idea what my problem is? Thanks, Mike