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  1. dont you just hate all the little kids on thumper talk ^.
  2. i think the WR250F would be your best choise.
  3. dude calm down just b/c you have seen it dosent mean every one has.
  4. nice video boy do i love the sound of a 2 stroke.
  5. imao yea thats it.
  6. dude i dont know if you know this or not but you can still get that even if you have on all the riding gear i know i have.
  7. and why am i an idiot for somtimes riding in jeans and a T-shirt huh huh?
  8. hmm idk thos pics look fake.
  9. hey i ride in jeans and a t shirt to there is nothing wrong with it dude so shut the **** up.
  10. how much does one of them helmet cams cost?
  11. what a wuss cant take a little crash you little baby? lol jk man crashing scares me to .
  12. it dosnt work when i click on it i just get page can not be displayed.
  13. nice bike gmoss.
  14. nice bike gmoss.
  15. it sounds like the WR250F is the bike for me then.