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    help wiring a horn 08 WR250F

    Don't you have a switch? Connect to the battery, run hot lead to switch which should be a push button, use the kill switch, cause you already have one on the computer. Run the second wire from the switch to one of the horn wires and ground the second. I suspect the reason you are only getting a buzzing from the horn wired to the lighting circuit is that there isn't sufficient juice to vibrate the horn diaphragm more strongly. The battery won't drain so long as you don't hold down the horn button overnight. Maybe the bicycle horn might be better? You do understand that you will have to cut the kill switch wires, right?
  2. Fruitfarmer

    07 WR250 Chain

    I was somewhat disappointed to see that the chain on my 07 WR 250, does not have a master link. I already have an old chain breaker, and if it's not up to the job, a hand held grinder will be. Evidently using a link to reconnect the chain would require a press and riveter? In the past I have used vise grips with a small nut to press the plate over the pin, but the very little amount of riveting I have done involved a ball peen hammer. I don't care to spend $50-60 on tools that I won't need often. The chain is an O ring, 520 I'm assuming, but pin size and width might not be common. Anyone run into this and if so what have you done? Thanks Ron
  3. Fruitfarmer

    Cycra Mounts are NOT a PITA!

    I just mounted a set of Cycra's, went with the bar clamps that are shaped like a U. I was concerned because there was a gap between the bar and the clamps, but just kept tightening and it just snugged right up. I know this isn't much comfort to you, but I called Cycra directly told them what bike I was riding, 07 WR250F and that was what they recommended. The U bar clamp allowed me to get around the brake master cylinder an hose. I previously had a set of Enduro Engineering but was never satisfied with the location, although got the straight bar clamps, possibly the U type bar clamps would have worked better. Good luck
  4. Fruitfarmer

    2007 Wr250 gearing advice

    Go with the 14 front, I think the plastic that was referred to was the cover, it is a tight fit, but will work and acheive what you are looking for, cruising at lower rpms. I've done the free mods, and the bike doesn't have any problem pulling the revised gearing. I ride mostly single track, with some two track and fire roading thrown in, and have yet to run into a situation where I don't have enough low gearing.
  5. Yeah well at 230#, my tires are pretty well planted.
  6. Looking through the specs for my 07WR250 and discovered that the tires that come for US models differ from those of the European. Does anybody know why? Just curious. Thanks Ron
  7. Fruitfarmer

    Old guy lovin the new WR250f

    You're all a bunch of kids, I'm 62, picked up an 07 WR250 last summer. My last new bike was a 84 IT200. I've also got an 04 KDX220 and it's a toss up which I ride. The WR is plated so it's a little safer to go two tracking and dirt roading with, legally speaking. Spend most of my time on single lane. Initially I was disappointed with the performance until I did the mods, and added a GYT end cap to the muffler, along with JD jetting kit. Went with a bigger CS sprocket, 14 so that I can fire road it without wringing it's guts out. Overall very pleased with the bike. Glad to hear that this model is popular with the younger crowd as well.
  8. Fruitfarmer

    Snorkel removal good or bad

    The critical thing is that the inside of the filter doesn't look like that.
  9. Fruitfarmer

    Yamalink Report/WR mods

    I've got the same inseam, 31" used to ride an 00 XR650L with lowering link, like a referral where are these might be available, as much as I like the bike I'm not real happy how it steers, this might help. Thanks Ron
  10. Fruitfarmer

    Old guy lovin the new WR250f

    Glad to see you kids are back into riding, I'm 62 and picked up a new 07 WR250 last year. My last new bike was an IT200 Yamaha, I was initially disappointed in the bike's power, then did the free mods, added a JDJet Kit, a GYT baffle, went up one tooth on the countershaft sprocket for more top end, and I'm pretty happy. She's sleeping now that it is sled time in Northern Michigan, but planning on a spring trip to Tennesee. Hope you are enjoying riding again as much as I am.