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  1. Was wondering if anyone knew why Hansen and Hill did not show up on Sunday for 450 pro? It looked like Hill was there on Saturday for 250 pro. I know Hansen was in Mammoth. Maybe they both partied too much the night before at the Moti Gras. Also, I noticed Malcom Stewart was on the rider list for Sunday. Got all excited and didn't see him anywhere as well.
  2. robatki

    Another Scaphoid Thread

    Ok, lets make this simple to see if I get answer. Can I ride on it and just deal with the pain, or am I actually doing more harm?
  3. robatki

    Another Scaphoid Thread

    After reading through a ton of posts, I need to ask my own questions on this heavily discussed injury. About 3 months ago I fell in a simple right hand corner. Felt the sting of what I thought was a sprain. Seemed to not be too bad and I continued to ride for 2 months until the pain was consistently there. Finally went to the Ortho where I got X-rays (don't have them to share). Nothing was out of place. Doctor stated I may need an MRI, but decided to cast me for about 5 weeks just to immobilize the wrist if it was soft tissue damage. Got the cast off Monday and was instantly in pain when I bent my wrist back. Just so happens the area of pain is right below my thumb on the bottom of my wrist. Sounds like a Scaphoid fracture to me. So here are my questions: If it was not detected on an X-Ray, would the fracture be severe enough to need surgery? If it is a small hairline fracture would surgery be an option? Would surgery cut the heal time down? I believe the answer is yes here, so would I be able to elect to have surgery? Can I make the fracture worse by not using a brace and continuing regular activity? Can I ride on it and just deal with the pain, or am I actually doing more harm? Should get an MRI this week and have it read by Monday... I hope. Thanks in advance for any advice. This injury is very distressing to me considering how many things it affects for me, not just riding but surfing, Mtn biking, climbing. -Rob
  4. What is that crazy thing your buddy is riding?
  5. robatki

    Cahuilla Creek MX today

    Steve, Your video is great. I got butterflies just watching the start. Makes me want to race again. How did you do? -Rob
  6. robatki

    2010 Crf250r

    Twin pipes were a sales gimmick. Glad there gone.
  7. robatki

    08 yz450f pipe question

    You can get the DR.D radiator lowering kit with the $50 you save by getting his pipe.
  8. robatki

    How much for 08 YZ450 in CA

    North County Yamaha 6K OTD
  9. Thanks for the info. I'm sure a Powercore is better than my stock 08' YZ450 exhaust. -Rob
  10. So we have the 4.1, the Powercore and the Speed. Can anyone tell me the difference in these 3. I was thinking of buying a slip-on and am a bit confused. They all are available in Titanium so they should all weigh close to the same.
  11. robatki

    Leatt and Thor Sentinel

    It works perfect for me. First ride I couldn't even tell I had a neck brace on.
  12. robatki

    I made the switch - CRF250 to YZ450F

    Always looking for people to ride with!
  13. robatki

    I made the switch - CRF250 to YZ450F

    I usually stay more south. I think Milestone is about as far north as I usually go. Thanks for the offer though. May go to Elsinore on Wednesday. -Rob
  14. robatki

    I made the switch - CRF250 to YZ450F

    I assume you are referring to the cornering characteristics? Since I went from a 250 to a 450 the motor will be all new no matter what. -Rob