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  1. i I put a moto front fender on my 05 650l and it helped on the freeway takes away some of the sail and helps keeping straight in the wind.
  2. Got A Bad Ass 650l That Has All The Mods Except For Correct Handelbars, Im A Tall Rider 6ft, 4in And When In Stand On The Pegs I Feel Like Im Going To Pitch Forward, Any Ideas On A Hi Rise Handelbar That May Work For Me. Thanks
  3. Just bought a 05 XR650L and i want to swap out the muffler, my two choices are the WB E2 or the FMF Q2, any body got any advice on them, i ride 50/50 on and off road mostly trail on BLM and fostery land so they have to be arested and quiet, any help would be great, Thanks