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  1. letmein

    first trip to a MX track

    Have a good time and be SMART. Ride to YOUR abilities.
  2. Wishing you the very best to a complete and quick recovery.
  3. letmein

    clicking in my forks when putting on stand?

    Check your steering head bearings. Water can get trapped in the steering head and the bearings can get rusty, which will make the click sound appear.
  4. letmein

    05 crf450r valve problem AGAIN! help please

    2004 TRX450 intake valves work perfectly. I have these in my 2002 with over 250 documented hours, with zero adjustments. The TRX450 uses the same valve springs as the CRF450R. The only difference is the 2004 TRX450 uses steel intake valves. I did all of the work. I did NOT grind the valve seats. The problem really is the valve seats are so hard and the titanium valves are so soft that the titanium eventually cups. Since the valves are soft they do little to no damage to the seats, as long as you have kept your air filter cleaned and oiled.
  5. It is also likely you have some jets in the carburetor that are partially plugged, from sitting. The fuel, in the carburetor, can start to go bad in as little as 1 month.
  6. letmein

    Cam problem crf450 09

    Your dealer is an idiot! At worst they have to take the left side crankcase cover off. There is no reason to split the case since a magnet will find the missing pin. There is also a oil pump pickup screen, which will not allow the pin to get in the crankshaft/rod area. Complete idiot... your dealer.
  7. letmein

    2006 motor in 05 frame

    Yes. Bolts right up.
  8. letmein

    Racing Tracks in SoCal

    I think most hold amatuer races. From Orange you would probably want to go to Glen Helen, since it is probably the closest.
  9. letmein

    My birthday present

    Happy birthday!!! Enjoy.
  10. The KTM 85 is not a very good bike. It has cylinder leak problems and WILL need a new cylinder if you ride the thing hard at all (I know this from personal experience). And when your KTM dealer carries the cylinder you know it is a common problem. BTW, that cylinder cost over $500. As a rule, KTM parts are much more expensive. You will be sorry you bought this bike. Buy any other brand of 85 and I am with you. I wouldn't bad mouth other KTM's, but the 85 is there "red headed step-child" so to speak.
  11. letmein

    District 37 96dbA limit

    When you register you will need to buy a D37 competition license, AMA card, and pay the club to race. It is going to be an expensive weekend. After you have purchased the D37 license and AMA card you are good for the rest of the year. From then on you will only need to pay the hosting club at each event the entry fee. You will also need to know your skill level: Beginner, Novice, Intermediate or Expert as well as your class. Classes are determined by your age and the bike you ride. Based on your age you will be riding Open and probably Nov. They will not let you ride Intermediate or Expert unless you can prove past race history. Based on what I have told you here they will give you a temporary D number, which will be converted to a riding number in a few weeks. Ask them at sign ups for help and they will be more than willing to help out on proper placement of your number, where the pits are and all of the little details. The club hosting this race is the Checkers, and they are a great bunch of professional racers and really know what they are doing. This should be a really fun weekend. This is a special type of scramble with timed starts, so the dust should not be a problem. I am in the Rovers, come on over and say hi. Look for Robert Wright, that’s me. I plan on being there Saturday and maybe Sunday but will probably do the VetX race at I-5 on Sunday.
  12. letmein

    District 37 96dbA limit

    Your bike will pass easily. I have the same setup and mine is between 93 and 94 with the just the ProMoto billet spark arrestor. If yours for some reason does fail, they let you ride anyways, because they are just trying to make people aware of the law and are not required to test any bikes. If it does fail you will need to repack your muffler. You can get MSR muffler packing if needed. BTW, D37 checks odd bikes on odd months (riding number) and even bikes on even months. What are you planning on riding in? GP's, Enduros, Desert?
  13. http://www.adelantomx.com/ It is open Saturday's and Sunday's and sounds like it is very close to Racetown. Anyone been there?
  14. letmein

    shift shaft seal ....

    I have worked on 3 Honda's that have had a seep in this location. Putting some silicone on the seal when you replace it seems to be the ticket. As stated the seals is a loose fit, and I don't like to peen something that can be fixed with a little silicone.
  15. letmein

    what valves to get

    2004 TRX450R intake valves work great.