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  1. Maybe it's the fuel pump. I've heard when they go, the bike has trouble idling or even having any type of fuel delivery.
  2. biznatcho

    New exhaust system

    I just put an FMF 4.1 w/ megabomb header on my 07 and I love this bike so much more! It allows me to rev it out now, feels like I added a few more rpms to the range. The only bad thing is that I feel like I need a short turn throttle now, but I'm coming off a 450 & I'm 210lbs I just need to keep it rev'd!
  3. biznatcho

    450 wheels

    I'm 99% sure they won't fit. I believe the 04-06 RM-Z 250 has the Kawasaki dimensions wheel, so you SHOULD be able to fit rims of a Kawasaki 125/250/250F/450. There are more factors besides the spacers, such as axle width, wheel/brake/hub to spacer offsets. 07+ RM-Z250 is a different story, I BELIEVE that the 05+ RM-Z450 should fit the 07+ 250, but I'm not certain. I came off a Kawasaki KX450F and my rims were supposed to fit the different year & model kawi's (125/250/250F/450), so I'd say no for the RM-Z450 fitting an 04-06 RM-Z 250. BTW, I'd expand your wheel search to an 04/05 KX250F as well.
  4. biznatcho

    Dna Or Mototek Wheels

    I just put on a set of DNAs. They look great & strong, but I constantly have to tighten the spokes. I've only had 5-6 days at the track, but after every time, the rear needs to be retightened. The front is pretty good now, and there are less & less spokes to tighten. I'd stay away from ProWheel, I've never heard of Mototek. I'm kind of 50/50 on the DNAs now, guess I'll see after another month or so of riding. If you don't like tightening spokes, don't get them.
  5. biznatcho

    Ocotillo Wells - Thanksgiving Weekend

    I'll definately be there, but will probably be mostly in the Rhino. After going to the MX track, desert riding just isn't as fun....but I'm looking forward to the miles of whoops, great practice & feels great to get it right. We usually camp S22 (about 14 miles off 86) before the grade rises on the road.
  6. biznatcho


    Thanks for all the input guys, I really appreciate it. Last question, do I need to hone the cylinder to install the new piston? I've got an 08 KX450F. BTW, that's not me in the avitar, it's Vito from Sopranos....I miss that show.
  7. biznatcho


    Thanks for the quick reply. So if I'm doing a piston every 60 hours w/ a stock piston, would I be able to extend the time between swapping pistons w/ a higher quality aftermarket piston? If so, how much longer can I go between new pistons?
  8. biznatcho


    I'm a bit confused, I priced the entire top end kit to about $155 for OEM parts on ronayers.com and the prices you guys are quoting seem to be just for a piston are close to more than my kit price. Am I missing something from my kit? 13001-0073 Piston $80.18 13008-0018 Ring Set $28.64 13002-0016 Piston Pin $15.41 92036-008 Circlips $0.17 x 2 11061-0160 Base Gasket $6.93 11004-0045 Head Gasket $23.13 total $154.63 Also, is there anything I need to watch out for when I do my own top end, any surprises and special tools needed? Do I need to hone my cylinder? Do I need a special tool to hold the piston rings in while I insert the piston into the cylinder? Any tips would be appreciated....Luckily I've got the digital service manual. I was thinking of doing a slightly high compression piston, but I'm worried about reliability so I'll stick w/ stock. I figured every 60 hours was time to do a new piston, would I be doing it in longer intervals if I go aftermarket? Any recommendations as to how high of a compression I could go with w/o having to run race gas & worry about reliability & stock con rod failures? It seems that the 08 w/ my Leo Vince, & 48 tooth rear sprocket is a bit tamer than I'd like. I love the 48 tooth rear sprocket, keeps me in the right gear & rpm now, but it lost a little of the punch I'm used to, so I figured a high compression piston would help that. The 55 leak jet helped, but I feel like I need more. Lastly, I was reading that the 06 piston pin had failures and the updated 07 & 08 part has a coating. I also read that a CRF piston pin works, any luck in this, or should I just stick with the update Kawi p/n 13002-0016?
  9. biznatcho


    I'm going to be doing a new piston soon also. Stupid question, should I go with an aftermarket brand or stick with an OEM? What are the differences, price, quality? I was thinking of going with a slightly higher compression piston, but I don't want to effect the reliability or have to run race gas...
  10. biznatcho

    safety wire around grips...

    HAHA, my avatar is Vito from Sopranos, enforcer who came out of the closet....thought it was funny. I loved that show!
  11. biznatcho

    Upgraded waterpump

    Excuse my ignorance, but what is the advantage of the aftermarket water pump vs. the stock? Is the stock known to fail or does the aftermarket just work more efficient? Also what is the advantage of a higher temperature radiator cap? I'm in southern Cali and it's hot at the tracks, and I haven't noticed any issues, I'd like to be proactive on my bike. I still need to get an overflow bottle!
  12. biznatcho

    Picked up an 06 this weekend...

    Clean looking bike, the graphics helped A LOT! I'm jealous of the 4 speed. Just regeared my 08 w/ a 48 rear, I'm riding it tonight w/ new to me 22mm triple and 55 leak jet too...hopefully it'll be good to go!
  13. biznatcho

    safety wire around grips...

    Does saftey wire really prevent grip slippage? I would believe it would help a bit, but not much. I read it helped to keep water out of the grip or at least keep a tighter seal... and it looks cool! I use brake cleaner and spray that on the bar & inside the grip. The cleaner kind of melts/eats at the rubber and works quite well. However if you spray too much it'll just stay lubed/wet and not seal. So the trick is putting just the right amount. Different strokes for different folks, some of my buddies just use an air hose to remove/install grips, no glue/adhesive.
  14. biznatcho

    Anyone using a K&N XStream Top Filter

    I would never run a K&N filter on my dirtbike, unless I was using it for supermoto. I don't trust the paper element to filter the dirt like the foam filters do. Also the added weight & price of the K&N's is another factor that I don't need on my 450. Save your money for suspension!
  15. biznatcho

    Any 08s around?

    Ask the dealers, they should be able to get one. Especially when the 09's come out, they should be good incentives on the 08's. That's how it was with the 07's when the 08's came out, I think Kawi was knocking $1K to 1500 off an 07 last summer. Hit up as many dealers as you can and ask for the OTD price.