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  1. kahrookee

    black 250r's

    i'd say get that one if you're gonna get a honda. the dealers in my state can't get their hands on one.
  2. kahrookee

    Powerbowl On 2007?

    shouldn't need it? doesn't the 07s still have the bog issue? i know my 08 does. does anyone know what was changed to resolve this issue from the factory for the 08s? is it true that the linkage was changed on the 07 & 08? if this is true, then is the ap mod w/timing the next thing to do? or is the powerbowl with the adjustable leak jet the cure all?
  3. kahrookee

    Best Jet Kit for 08

    so what is the best "remedy" for the dreaded off idle bog for the '08? (assuming jetting is fine). i thought i didn't have a bog, until i raced it today. starts is the only time i get it to bog. both motos. i guess it's still within quarter throttle because i don't want to spin too much on the cement start.
  4. kahrookee

    08 CRF Hard Starting

    i'd agree with trying a different technique, if it runs fine everywhere else. my 08 crf250r likes to start differently than all my other 250f's i've owned. it seems to start better at half stroke, with a slow steady kick. weird, but it works!
  5. kahrookee

    110 Octane Race Gas

    i guess it would depend on how much you trust that person giving you that information. i have friends who had bad results with certain brands of high octane gas. well, by bad results i mean that if you do not re-jet for the slower burning fuel, you will not get any performance gain, or worse yet, poor performance in general. for me, i'm too lazy to re-jet, not to mention running race gas all the time (even with diluting) is too expensive for my blood.
  6. kahrookee

    Out For The Season.

    i'm not sure how you will have to jet after all those mods, but i had to re-jet after the 290 bore was installed. if i remember correctly, i had to go smaller on the main. can't remember about the pilot. just go to the jetting section and follow the basics. adjust fuel screw, and change pilot if required. then adjust main by feel, and you can also do a plug check riding at full throttle (remember to cut engine at full throttle). hope this helps.
  7. kahrookee

    Out For The Season.

    super unleaded pump gas is fine with the athena big bore (the 290 kit anyway). not sure what the cr is on the athenas, but it's not considered high compression. high compression is usually the only time you need to run higher than pump gas octane level to reduce the chance of detonation. i think the other engine internals you want to run will be fine. you will definitely have a powerful setup. i ran only the 290 bore kit on a stock '06yz250f, and the power increase was drastic.
  8. kahrookee

    What do i do for break in

    that's the way i've done mine in my 04, 5, 6, 7, and now 08. no problems, and the piston looks good every time i've done a rebuild. i guess the rings really do need the compression to push them out in order to get proper sealing with the cylinder. and the only way to do that is to run it hard.
  9. kahrookee

    I went from Blue to red

    haha.. that's funny. i had crf250r's in 04 and 05, and made the mistake of going yamaha in 06. didn't like it so much that i got an 06kx450f that same year, and rode it till last week. only rode my 08 crf250r one day, but it runs perfect, straight out of the box! (aside from a fuel screw adjustment).
  10. kahrookee

    question for big bore kits

    i also had no problems with an athena big bore kit. the 290 kit was installed on an '06 yz250f, without any modifications at all. everything fit well, and it made a huge difference in power. only complaint i had was that it made power lower in the rpm, so you had to ride it differently. took a while to gear it correctly (gear down), and short shifting was the best riding style.
  11. kahrookee

    White Brothers fuel screw problem!

    i had the same problem on with a white bros fuel screw on an '06 yz250f. i switched to a scotts, and the fit was perfect. for '07 i bought a scotts fuel screw and had no problems. i had the white bros still lying around (and nobody had a scotts fuel screw in stock), so i tried it on my '08 crf250r, and to my surprise, the fit is perfect! so i would recommend trying another manufacturers screw!
  12. kahrookee

    Old guy going hare-scramblin' with new CRF150RB

    nevermind! i just went to the brp website and read that their sub mount kit WILL work with a scotts top clamp or even a stock clamp.
  13. kahrookee

    Old guy going hare-scramblin' with new CRF150RB

    sorry, i should have been more specific last time. i'm looking for the 30mm offset clamps (like applied has), but also want to run a sub mount steering stabilizer (like brp has). has anyone used this combo, or even know if it will work together? thanks!
  14. kahrookee

    Old guy going hare-scramblin' with new CRF150RB

    does the brp stabilizer/bar mount fit on the applied top clamp? i want to run the sub mount, but want the offset of the applied clamps (since applied is the only offset clamps i know of).
  15. kahrookee

    Lowering 150R

    a kouba link is available for the 150r, although i'm not quite sure how much it lowers the bike. bbr also has a link, and i believe that one is adjustable-either lowering or raising the rear, by using different plates that have offset holes for the linkage bolt.