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  1. papadum

    Quick Question on James Dean Kit

    I hope Eddie sees this and offer some insight. In the meantime i will hop on down James Dean's page and see if i can find anything there. Cheers mate!
  2. Will the James Dean Kit for DRZ work with a 41mm FCR carb and big bore kit or is it specifically made for the FCR39 only? Thanks, Jim
  3. papadum

    Bog off idle

    Hi Eddie, the pair system was taken out of my bike more than a yr ago and the hole bolted and sealed with a custom made aluminium piece. What else could be the problem?
  4. papadum

    Bog off idle

    Hi Eddie, red needle 4th clip was what i was using before switching to blue but i had lots of excessive popping on decel. I'm gonna use some of that chamber seal i bought from TT to seal the header pipe and mid pipe joints and try red needle again and report back if there's any improvement. While i'm at it, i'm gonna use duct tape to close up the 4X3 back to 3x3 too. Do you think an inch more on the airbox coupled with my hi flo K&N mightbe the cause of excessive popping on decel. I don't get this much with the blue needle but the bog off idle really annoys me. Thanks! Jim:banghead:
  5. Hi all, currently i have this bog off idle and it only happens when the engine is very hot. Everytime i upshift, and open the throttle slightly from 0-1/8 the flat spot kicks in. It does not happen if i open the throttle more. Any help is appreciated. TIA! here's my setup DRZ400SM - sea level, High humidity, hot weather TT FCRMX with JD Blue needle at 3rd clip 45 pilot, 162 Main, 2 turns air fuel mixture, slow jet removed 4X3 Airbox mod with KNN hi flo air filter uncorked full exhaust system
  6. papadum

    Help with FCR MX kit from TT

    Thanks for the quick response eddie!
  7. papadum

    Help with FCR MX kit from TT

    Ok eddie, i managed to locate the EMN needle and installed it on the 3rd clip but there is still no difference in the idling even when the stock fuel screw is fully screwed in so i set it out 2 turns and went out riding and to my surprise, the bike ran worse than before. Now i got an annoying bog off idle and when i maintain the throttle at half position, the bike bogs as if it's starving of fuel but once it give it more gas, it smooths out.Should i use back the EMR needle and drop the pilot, go with the EMN and try different clip positions or get the JD Kit and send the bike to my local dyno and have it jetted?
  8. papadum

    Help with FCR MX kit from TT

    Temperature range from 26c-32c and relative humidity 65 to 95 percent. Your're correct, no reaction to idle at all when the screw is fully in but at around 3.5 turns out, bike seems to have problems idling.
  9. papadum

    Help with FCR MX kit from TT

    Hi Eddie, I'm using the stock screw that came with the carb. Is the EMN needle gonna make a whole lot of difference? I misplaced the EMN needle during the installation and it can't be found. Should i order another one or get the JD jetting kit? Thanks, Jim
  10. papadum

    Help with FCR MX kit from TT

    Hi all, I have just installed the FCR MX kit from TT and it rocks. The only thing that bothers me is that bike still idles great when the air fuel mixture screw is fully screwed in. Throttle response is great and the bike revs up nice and crisp every gear with no bog or flat spots. Question here if i need to lower my pilot jet since everything is running fine. Btw, i have a 05 DRZ SM with a pro circuit header with a Leo Vince X3 Muffler (straight Thru Uncorked) with the 3x3 mod and a K&N Hi Flo air cleaner. Below is my carb's setup at sea level. 200 main air jet 160 main jet EMR needle 3rd clip (lost the EMN needle during the installation) 45 pilot jet 100 pilot air jet 2 turns on the stock air fuel mixture screw with slight pop on deceleration. (anything below 2 turns and the popping increases) Cheers, Jim
  11. papadum

    New FMF Hi-Flo header...Any info?

    Thanks Neil! I guess i'll have to give it some more thought before i click the "Buy Now" button. I'm actually looking for an aftermarket header that will bolt on directly to my stock exhaust. FMF don't make any of those specifically for the SM or S?
  12. papadum

    New FMF Hi-Flo header...Any info?

    Sorry to hijack the thread but does anybody here have any idea if the FMF powerbomb header from TT's store fits the SM model? It pretty much says "DRZ400 all" but me being a skeptic ain't sure if the diameter of the join at the heatshield is the same as the stock header. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  13. My apologies to the threadstarter for hijacking this thread but are there any triple clamps out there that are specifically made for the SM model? I can't seem to find one as i'll like to keep my stock speedo.
  14. papadum

    DRZ400SM 2005 FMF Power Up Kit (new)

    This is what you'll need Ronny! Just key in the part number and viola! PU_10070114 JET KIT FMF DRZ400SM '05 1 $53.96 $53.96 INT_KIENTECH_DRZSFMS Kientech DRZ400S Extended Fuel Mixture Screw 1 $14.26 $14.26 WB_MK034 PILOT JET VM28/486-25 1 $2.25 $2.25