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  1. Sorry to bust your bubble guys but this is a private board (in the true sense of private ownership) so if he doesn't want talk about 2-strokes then either accept it or leave, no one is forcing you to be here. -J
  2. None, it runs on hydrogen. -J
  3. Not exactly a truck, but same result... -J
  4. jturmel

    pic from brual sand dunes

    The winkie meant it was a joke... -J
  5. jturmel

    pic from brual sand dunes

    We still could...
  6. jturmel

    Putting Acetone in Gas????

    Everything's cool...
  7. jturmel

    Putting Acetone in Gas????

    At least I actually brought some useful information to this thread unlike yourself... Yes I have a bike, actually quite a few, street and dirt. And why you picking on the avatar? Not a fan of The Big Lebowski? It's on my all-time favorites list. (Not sure why you had to go this low...) Some people get upset when information is presented to them that they don't agree with or are just stubborn and refuse to agree with even when presented with the facts, it's even amplified when you have someone like me who can sometimes come off a little harsh, but that doesn't change the facts, but it sure does bring out the people who want to whine about a brash person like myself. Sounds like you guys are the one's that need to find something to do. If you don't like the way the information was presented, why don't you make an effort to correct the non-sense next time. -J
  8. jturmel

    Putting Acetone in Gas????

    Then it is not a "gain." There was something lost, then something recovered, but the overall net was not a gain; you are just masking a more serious problem, ie. too much carbon buildup in the combustion chamber. -J
  9. jturmel

    Anyone ever tried M2R X2 helmet?

    He said M2R (Made 2 Race.) I have their MR 8 street helmet and like it so far, no complaints. I don't know about your particular model but that seems to be the nicer of their offroad helmets. -J
  10. jturmel

    Putting Acetone in Gas????

    I guess I'll be the prick... By the way, why did you post two different similar messages but delete one? -J
  11. jturmel

    Dodge vs Ford

    Well Delphi just filed for bankruptcy protection and GM isn't far behind... GM used to be like Wal-Mart, and owned 2% of our country's GDP, now look at them... -J
  12. jturmel

    Putting Acetone in Gas????

    So what's the deal with coming back and stirring the pot? Looks like you're the dork... -J
  13. jturmel

    Putting Acetone in Gas????

    &%$#@!? Welcome to last night/this morning... "I just love beating this dead horse." ~ ssanddemon -J
  14. jturmel

    Putting Acetone in Gas????

    Since you're willing to listen now, I am also going to add that running a higher octane than is needed can also cause excessive carbon build-up, which is not good... it can mean eventually having to run that high octane ALL the time (because of the increased compression ratio), or tearing it down and cleaning up the problem. -J
  15. jturmel

    Putting Acetone in Gas????

    Which shows ignorance... if you refuse to listen to facts, then that is ignorance. Which is fine, so get the 89, like my explanation said, you want to run the lowest without pinging, so as you just said that is 89, not the 93 you are putting in it. Because you do not make as much power running a fuel that is less combustible, when the cylinder pressure and temperatures would like something that is more combustible. Apparently you don't, but I do, and figured most people who want the most performance from their vehicle would care too... While all states are different in their requirements of the fuel, they are all required to have the detergents and additives, and unless you've torn down two engines one who ran one with your "V-Power" and one without and compared the combustion chambers don't claim that you are actually keeping it cleaner.While I may come off a little harsh, at least I'm not trying to argue for something I know nothing about... -J