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  1. Found one on craigslist and was just wondering if you guys could tell me a little bit about the bike. Never owned a KTM before. The guy says it just needs a new subframe and she is ready to ride. I already have an 2005 RM 250 just looking to add this bike to my stable. Also approximately how much is one of these worth without the subframe he is looking to trade me for a rifle and I want to make sure I'm getting a good deal. Thanks Robbie
  2. Had so much! Thanks again for putting it on. I am very very sore this morning but I can still go to work and that is the best part. I posted some pics on 702. See ya next time. Robbie
  3. I am in this time I am not going to be out of town. What time does this usually kick off. And you might want to post it on 702 I know a few a them want to get back out there. Thanks again Robbie
  4. I am in for this one
  5. Wardy was out on Friday and Saturday you must have been out there on Sunday. I was corner working on Friday and went to watch on Saturday. I was on the gravity jump the 1st jump in the dirt section. So much fun these guys are crazy. There was one DRZ S but it had the stock tire sizes running street tires. He finished last in his sportsmans race. There were also a couple of guys running full knobbie tires.
  6. 2005 DRZ SM Always around the Red Rock Loop picking on sportbikes
  7. Cool guys thanks for the input. Once they give me a call I will report back.
  8. Hope some of you can point me in the right direction due to the fact I know very little about suspension stuff. Last night I won a set of race tech springs from the local bike night here in Vegas. They are going to contact me this week to find out what kind of bike I have and all the other normal questions. Ride mostly desert with a few MX outings mixed in and would also like to do a little more MX too. I weigh 160 with my gear. I would say I ride beginner to intermediate in the desert. And very beginner on the MX track. So what should I tell them that I want, should I also get the valves done? I am most likely going to send them my stuff since I don't know anything about taking apart fork suspension. Thanks for replies Robbie
  9. I have a 05 400sm and an 05 RM 250. Can I put the 17's on the smoker or the other way around?!? Don't want to get both sets of tires off if I don't have to. Thanks
  10. I also have an RM 250 we need to go dirtbike riding too.
  11. What color you getting. Post something up when you get it and will meet up at red rock or something. Nope wasn't me with no kid on the back
  12. Yo I live in vegas and have a black SM. Post up when you get it and will go hit up red rock and do some hooligan stuff around town. I have only seen like 2 other motards in town so far.
  13. Just a quick question. I have an 05 RM 250 and was thinking about racing in the desert. Is there any 2 smokers that go and ride at these things. I know I would definitly need a bigger tank, is there anything else I should think about?