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  1. NorthCarolina

    I'm in, just agree that it's something that needs to be fixed. Not a big fan of the ama. This is where District points would work, but talk about a can of worms that would be.
  2. NorthCarolina

    I have a "?" for you guys. Are the races you guys all run AMA? If so once you go to a higher class you are now in that class, unless you petition to drop back. I don't want to drive 7hrs to race with A guys when I am a B.
  3. SouthCarolina

    Would have liked better milage markers. Didn't know where I was all day. Man the vines were awfull. I rode the entire 2 section with no rear brakes because of them, after that i was toast.
  4. We are going to call and ask them to take back their bikes!!!!! No help from them to sell them!
  5. Don't blame your dealer, if they fix it and Honda rejects the claim their out the money. When you call honda be firm but not disrespectfull. I have seen a many get shot down for acting stupid. 1-866-784-1870 is the # for customer support.
  6. Thanks. The plan is to hit them all. Will run Vet B or 250 B.Finised 8th last year ,missed the last 3 rounds with a broke back.
  7. Yep Acerbis has one.....Forgot about them:crazy: !Thanks looks like I will be getting an 09 (no changes just BNG) to race National Enduro on now.
  8. I called every tank mfg today and still no tank for the 08 RMZ250! What is the deal, didn't Rodney Smith race with one.And does anyone know the avg milage of a stock tank?
  9. ......anyone
  10. I tried the link on the website came up with zero. Anyone else know where to find the photos. I was one with the antlers on my helmet and the blinking front fender.
  11. The real cheater is Robbie ...He measures his jumps from the start of the ramp. So the gap may only be like 70 feet.