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    Yamaha WR/YZ Frame Paint PPG

    My father in law is a painter and I have used alot of their products to paint my trucks and my boat, they have awsome products.. You should be able to take the paint code to a PPG dealer and they can cross reference it. If not, than most paint dealers have a portable color match machine that they can put on your frame that will read the PPG code and match it to 99.9% accurate. Use PPg, Ihave heard that the Dupont is a thick messy mess!!!!
  2. I,m a newbie but have been trail riding 5 years, and have rode dirt bikes (2 strokes) and street bikes since I was a kid. I just bought a 04 WR450 and love it. Some of the free mods have been done like the throttle stop and exhaust plug. I have been reading the forums about the grey wire and decomp plugs. Has anybody had any problems with anything working right after the grey wire? (electrit start). What is the best exhaust to buy that is forestry approoved? Also, what suggestions can you WR owners give me for the best free mods and to keep this thumper maintenance free. (out of the shop) THANKS ! NEWBIE....