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  1. You must not be in california. Its the only state that has stupid green/red stickers. Pretty much can only ride half a year with red sticker bikes. I do remeber his 98 having tones of power. But i love the way the 3rd gen frames look. Either bike im gonna put some money into. Im just thinking buy the time i get the 98 where i like it itll be just has much as a 02 with a few upgrades.
  2. Right now I have a 11 ktm 450sxf. Don't ride much and it hurts every time I make the payment, so Im selling it and "down sizing". My brother has a 98 cr250r that he pretty much said get it running and ride it. he has a new 450 so it just sits in the shed. Doesn't need much mainly tlc. I want a green sticker bike and have been looking into 02's since that's the last year of two stroke green stickers. My question is, is it worth buying an 02 and putting a little money into or should I get my brothers 98 and put some money into that. I hear the 98 motors are one of the bests but handle like crap. And that 02 handle great but motor sucks. I ride mainly trails go to the sands dunes once or twice a year. The only racing I do I'm not worried about winning just do some local D37 stuff.
  3. Can care less about the efi. But it'll be huge for ktm if they sign r.d.
  4. It's more important to take care of the bike after you go to the dunes then it is before you go. I normally take all the plastics and tank, wheels, forks and what ever else I can off and hose and wash everything. Change oil and filter and air filter. I also take the throttle tube off and clean that and the cables. SAND GETS EVERYWHERE!!
  5. You'll be good. Do a search there is a lot of info about this here and at Ktmtalk.com
  6. Battery let me down today about two miles from the truck. If I came to a down hill I could bump start it but it was a nasty rocky trail with little areas to do so. I know I didn't help it out by stalling it in the nasty rocks but I think ill be getting a aftermarket battery. I was reading that you cant put a tricker charger on a turn tech. I like to be able to charge my battery the night be I ride, so what's out there.
  7. I got the jd kit for my 11 450sxf. Is the way they say to jet the best way. Has any one found a better set up. I ride at 3000-6000
  8. Put a zip tie around the brake lever over night. Or reverse bleed the brakes.
  9. yeah tap it with a hammer. and once it's out throw it in the trash and buy one that you can put a socket on. i forgot what company sells them but do a search. my next oil change i'm buying one. you lost me about the bent bolt. are you talking about the two bolts that hold the oil filter cover? if so and it bent go buy a new one and you should tap out the threads to make sure you didnt cross thread anything.
  10. Don't let the "diesel" fool you. Thats just marketing.15 40 is 15 40.
  11. +1 on the rotella. i dont use the syn, but still good oil. walmart has the "T" non syn for 13 bucks a gallon and "T6" syn for i think 25 a gallon. the manual says to change my oil every 10 hours i do it about every 5 so i dont feel i need the syn oil. thats just me not starting an oil war here.
  12. i have a really stupid question and dont want to start a new thread for this but it driving me crazy. ive been on 2t for like 15 years and my 2011 450sxf is my first 4t. does this motor only have one oil. i remember my brothers crf had motor and trans oil. i know you 4t guys are laughing at me.
  13. I like not having fi on my 2011. Less things to break and I know how to work on carbs.
  14. How does the battery life hold up since there's no key or switch to turn it off.
  15. after several longs months on going back and fourth from 2t or 4t, 350 or 450 250 or 300. i finally pulld the trigger and got the 2011 450sxf. it sure is one sexy bike. for now its going to stay stock. going to order the pro moto billet spark arrestor tonight and slowly get some more goodies. next pay check is going to be the jd jet kit after that who knows. i have no idea how to post photos but it's stock so you get the idea.