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  1. biggercb

    1989 xr250 rocker box torque sequence

    Thanks for the replies guys. We verified the gasket was .010 thick. He is going to reassemble and try again.
  2. biggercb

    1989 xr250 rocker box torque sequence

    Thanks for the tip Baja Rambler. I believe he is using the original oem gasket. We will measure the thickness tonight to be sure.
  3. My son's friend has drug a 1989 xr250 back to life. He had to replace the cam and rocker box to get it going. He rode it for about 10 minutes, then a rattle started. I helped him pull the rocker box back off and it looks like the cam bearing (on the opposite side of the cam chain) had slid off. We reassembled and everything seems to cycle properly again. I didn't notice an extreme amount of wear on either bearing surface. Could it be that he didn't torque the rocker cover down correctly? Is there a specified sequence to re-installation of the rocker box? I know he should get a manual asap, but I was trying to help him get it back together this time. He has worked hard on it, and paid for it by mowing lawns, so I kinda feel for him. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-HONDA-ARMS-ARM-VALVE-ROCKER-XR250R-XR250L-XL250R-XR250-14431-KR0-000-14441-/111464219585?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item19f3c903c1&vxp=mtrHello, I picked up a 1989 XR250 for $400. I wanted to check it out before selling it to my sons friend. My son rides a blaster and his friend rides an old xr80. They are both big enough now that the XR80 is too small. At any rate, once I got it home, I began checking the jetting (to make see what was in it), and pulled the caps to check clearance. The rockers were way loose, so I pulled the valve cover to see what I could see. Two of the rockers are toast, the other two may be salvageable. The cam looks alright, except for some wear in the center where it rides in the head. I was looking on ebay last night and found the above...has anyone here had any experience with these?
  5. biggercb

    Fork bushings

    Thanks! Sweet videos!
  6. biggercb

    Fork bushings

    I have a 2003 yz450f...A couple years ago had the suspension revalved and resprung for my weight. Due to life circumstances..I have been to the Little Sahara dunes two weekends, and went to ride the desert outside New Mexico two weekends, and have been to the local mx track two seperate days. I am not a big jumper at the dunes and I am not a fast guy on the track. My fork seals were leaking and I took it into the local shop to be fixed and they told me my fork bushings were worn and needed replaced. My question is: Is the sand that hard on forks? Is there something else going on to wear the bushings out so fast? Thanks for the info!
  7. I have a problem with galled threads on my lower bolt out of the three. Is this a bolt I can get at fastenal ? Or do I need to buy it direct from yamaha? Also, is there a way to shine up the airbox?
  8. I have a set of protaper SE...Is there any identification marks to tell me what bend I currently have?
  9. Do the Acerbis/UFO/Polisport replacement lower fork guards for a 03 yz450f come with the upper clamp that clamps to the fork?
  10. Looking to refresh the old ride. Due to me nature of riding down in Oklahoma where the dirt stains everything, I am thinking about replacing my numberplates, shrouds, and fenders with all black plastic. Anyone have a picture of a 03-05 with all black plastics? Any reviews? Do they scratch too easily and look old too soon? Any other input?
  11. biggercb

    Hot start replacement

    Thanks Gray!
  12. Does anyone still make a kit to replace the hot start for my yz450f 2003? Last night I noticed my plastic nut holding the cable into the carb is cracked.