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  1. I was just wondering what the correct jetting is for a 96 XR 400 at 1000m
  2. caballero

    blown motor

    does anybody know where to find a crf250x that needs some motor work. I have more time than i do money. haha
  3. caballero

    1984 XR500 rebuild question

    when you guys are talking about the valve seals are those the o-rings under the valve guides?
  4. I purchased this XR 500 a few months ago and it started smoking during warm up, but then would not smoke at all. Now it smokes big time all the time with oil residue in the tail pipe. Should i start tearing down the whole head and rebuild, or does anybody know where to start this project? My other question is money wise how much is this going to cost if i do it myself?
  5. caballero

    ok smoke?

    My 84 XR 500 will start first or second kick everytime, but it smokes like crazy until it gets really warmed up (usually w/in 2-5 min of easy riding). Then the smoke stops and she runs quite well for 21 years old. Should i worry about the smoke? or just wait till the topend goes?
  6. caballero

    checking oil

    there is no dipstick that i can find???
  7. caballero

    checking oil

    i was looking at the previous forums on how to check the oil, but they don't talk about the older bikes. Whats the proper procedure for checking 84 XR500 oil?
  8. caballero

    84 XR 500 smoking

    My 84 Xr 500 will start on the first kick every time but it has a lot of blue smoke out the exhaust. What would make it smoke like crazy? Do i need valve work? What parts are involved in a typical rebuild?
  9. caballero

    Xr 500 ?

    I recently purchased a 1984 XR 500R. It started right up after an oil and filter changed, and new plug . It had probably 5-10 years of crap build up so i washed it last night with a ton of degreaser. When i started it afterwards it started smoking really bad. Did i get water in the crank case or carbs or is it the top end going bad? How do i remedy the situation?