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  1. To many cars to hit you on the street.
  2. Change the oil on the regular, keep valve clearances in spec. Have fun
  3. Well, repacking a stock silencer is not that bad after all. I drilled the rivets, removed old packing, installed new packing, put new rivets all the way around, Exhaust as a much deeper tone. Great learning experience. Thanx to everyone for your help:ride:
  4. I thought about blue but chose black, If you want it really shiny, sand it with very, very fine sand paper, also get a can of the krylon clear coat stuff. All I did was clean the plastic ad spray er on.
  5. Took the bike for a ride today and dropped it hard once. Paint is holding up great, no chips at all!
  6. Ok, Thanks KJ, Ill drill near the mid pipe and pull.
  7. That stuff is called "Mighty Puddey" you know...as seen on TV All I know is that stuff should be able to pull a tractor trailer with a full load no problem. " Just apply and let dry" lol
  8. OK guys, This should not be such a hard thing to do......or is it?? Stock pipe 04' yz250f I want to repack it. I have drilled the rivets. But it seems like they are still keeping the end cap from coming off. Do I just drill down the center of them, or is there more to it???? Is there a special way to pull the cap off besides using the "grab and pull" method??? Any help much appreciated!
  9. Big Garage with indoor/outdoor carpet in the back. Bike stays in the back right around the corner from my living area. Makes it easy to talk to it whenever I want!
  10. Ya, I just cleaned it really well, and painted it. Thought about sanding and priming, but it didnt. Just put several very light coats ad let it dry. Holding up great so far, dropped it once did not take the paint off.
  11. Did you contact the seller before the purchase to make sure everything fits with your make and model??
  12. Bored, Broke, Thought I would try the Krylon Fusion. Tell Me what you think:excuseme http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn54/mxetsu55/IMG00061.jpg http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn54/mxetsu55/IMG00062.jpg http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn54/mxetsu55/IMG00065.jpg http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn54/mxetsu55/IMG00066.jpg
  13. I live in Atlanta also, I usually keep the bike at my parents in the garage. One time I couldn't get it there after a day of riding, so I took it to the apartment stayed awake all night long on the patio with the .12 gauge. No problem what so ever:mad:
  14. I Live in N. Atlanta burbs, Own a Cabin in Ellijay!