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  1. Here's an interesting video for ya guys to watch... a heavily modded KLX300 (cam, headwork, carb, etc) w/ his 92 KDX (pipe and silencer only). This guy races A-class harescrambles on his 300, and absolutely loves it.
  2. Thanks for the plugs... I have had an influx of new users recently... I'm still looking and it looks like I can get a fairly new KLX around $2300 to $2700... Hope to have one by this winter so I can get it worthy by spring. The thumpers run a little higher that the 2 smokers but that was expected. I guess you pay for weight!
  3. Thanks Dave... I will see what I can find. These things are few and far between it seems.
  4. Boy....thumpers = 'spensive! My KDX has a 03 KX frontend, rebuilt rear shock, RB modified carb, new topend, new S12/M12 tires, Scotts stabilizer, TrailTech computer and a bunch more goodies and runs like a striped ape! All for around $1500 + the $1,450 purchase price.... Maybe I need to rethink this....
  5. Ain't that the truth! Got about 4K in the KDX and bought it for $1450!
  6. Thanks Bill... I guess I better put those pennies away. So, an 03 or newer would be the goal? I have been taking notes on the mods needed to bring it up to par and it looks like a stock KLX will require around $1000 to make it a worthy performance mount. Big Bore kit, pumper carb, header kit and suspension work. Kinda sounds like Kawasaki paid as much attention to the KLX as the KDX when it comes to updating them year after year. A shame really when they have such great potential with just a little attention.
  7. Also my site....! Not trying to plug but just be helpful. What a coincidence... I am buying a KLX to compliment my KDX!
  8. They come with USD's.
  9. Hey Guys! I ride a heavily modified 95 KDX 200 and was wanting to get a old school low maintenance thumper to match my KDX. I was thinking that the KLX 300 would fit the bill. What years should I avoid if any? I figure the newer the better but there has to be a cutoff year. I have heard the starter gear is bad on certain years and such. Could I purchase a nice KLX for say $2000? Any help here would be appreciated.
  10. 40:1 AMSOIL or Mobil 1 FULL SYNTHETIC!