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  1. George84

    Thread pitch question

    Yea, all of the studs and nuts are gone. I am sure it is a course thread. Are there different course threads besides metric and standard?
  2. George84

    Thread pitch question

    I lost the studs that hold the exhaust on the cylinder and I need to go get some new ones. The thing is I looked up the parts on the Kawasaki website to find out what thread pitch I needed, it says "8x20 stud" with a 8mm nut. I don't know much about different thread pitches though. I can definitely tell its course thread so would "8x20" be a 8mm x 1.25mm thread that's 20mm long? Thanks for your help. ~George 1975 Kawasaki F-11B
  3. George84

    Old school 2-stroke compression release

    Do you like using it while riding?
  4. George84

    Old school 2-stroke compression release

    So did they work good as a brake? I am guessing that the reason we don't so them on newer bikes is because they have better brakes?, not just drums front and rear. And I have been told to just wrap the compression release in either air filter foam or gauze wrap to eliminate any possible chance of dirt getting in. Is it worth putting it it on a bike that I ride?
  5. I was just wanting to know what your guys thoughts are on a compression release in the unused spark plug hole on a 2-stroke? I have one on one of my non-running parts bikes and was thinking about putting it on my 250cc Kawasaki F-11. Can someone please explain the concept about what they are supposed to do (engine brake on a 2-stroke, right?) I know they were big in the 70's and I am trying to stay with the vintage dirt bike look, and I hate people always telling me one spark plug is not hooked up. ~George
  6. Here are a few pics of mine, I think its the only 2-stroke dual-sport pic in this thread. I will post some more pics next week after I am done re-painting it. Just got done with the rebuild, new clutch and a new race pipe with expansion chamber. 1975 Kawasaki F-11B 250cc 2-stroke.
  7. George84

    Scariest all time bikes

    The Kawasaki H2 gets my vote with some expansion chambers. or race ready
  8. George84

    Restoring my F-11B

    Hey guys its been a while since I started restoring my 1975 Kawasaki F-11B but I am on the home stretch now but I have ran into a few snags, GETTING NOS PARTS! Does anyone have any good places to get new or good condition used parts besides e-bay? If so could you please let me know where? Here are some pics before the restoration began, the bike had just hit 3k mi when I melted a hole in the center on my piston. After I blew the piston I started an all out restoration.
  9. George84

    Not a thumper

  10. Thanks for the info, I guess I will buy it.
  11. I have a 1975 Kawasaki F11-B, I am having problems finding info on Strader Engineering. Now I know I have a 2-stroke, but I hope someone can still give me some info on the exhaust. I found this on ebay and have a few questions before I buy it. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/e...mMakeTrack=true Is this exhaust an after-market part that was made for my bike in the 1970s? It just looks alot different than my stock exhaust does and I want to make sure it will fit. I really don't care if it makes my bike louder, as long as it will let the engine open up and give me a few hp. Here is a pic of my stock exhaust, it looks way different from this Strader exhaust. Thanks for any info, ~George