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  1. I am running the Motoz Tractionator ST both ends with front/rear Tubeliss. Handles well even at 0 psi. Great traction and holding up nicely after four rides in rocky singletrack. Even makes good traction in the ice and snow.
  2. J_Daniels

    Anitiseize ?

    The metal in antiseize is extremely conductive and you don't want that. Use dielectric grease (silicone grease) on electrical connectors instead. Regular lubricating grease works fine for battery terminals to seal out air, water and acid residue.
  3. J_Daniels

    Do you guys wire your grips?

    The long and short of it is this: there are many ways to attach grips and just about anything works to some degree. But read the requirements for racers from almost every motorcycle santioning body and you will see that they all require grips to be wired on.
  4. Honestly not trying to be a dick here, but searching threads about this on TT would have steered you toward a quality dealer and still with a low price- they are out there. Mylers is a good example, I believe that they import the oversize Chinese rads but back them up here in the USA and get rave reviews every time. It might be a good time to bite the bullet, shitcan these junk rads and give them a call; life is too short to pound a round peg into a square hole.
  5. J_Daniels

    Cheap way to raise foot pegs

    Agreed, leave the pegs alone, seat foam and covers are throway items, cheap to test on. I have shaved a few seats and it was fine, depending on the bike you can take only a little off or a lot depending on how thick it is to start with. Use a hot knife (it's a hobby tool, available on ebay for $20 or so) for the cleanest cuts; serrations show through the cover really easily- if you hack the foam with a regular knife it's ugly. Get a seat cover that doesn't conform around the lip of the pan and just tighten it as necessary and trim the excess material.
  6. J_Daniels

    1998 cr250

    Having owned several 1st, 2nd and 3rd gens in 250 and 125, I agree with the poster that said 3rd gen with the PJ/Airstriker carb. 1st gens are not worthy of consideration, what a terrible frame that was!
  7. Street bikes have mufflers, dirt bikes have silencers.
  8. Lots of guys have had positive results with the Chinese knockoff radiators. Just like any aftermarket part, some manufacturers do a better job than others in terms of quality.
  9. J_Daniels

    Do you guys wire your grips?

    Never needed anything other than wire to hold the grips on. Wire on either end keeps water and debris out which is what causes the grip to come loose in the first place. As an added benefit, I can clip off the wire, blast the grip off with air and change my bar setup without having to buy new grips every time.
  10. J_Daniels

    wiseco pistons?

    1. Think twice before installing a high compression piston into a worn motor, if this is indeed the case with your 250f. They put more stress on the crankshaft and connecting rod. 2. I'd contact Wiseco directly with your question- they will know best what octane is needed with their pistons. 3. I'll always use Wiseco, never had a failure having installed many of them in the 25 years I have been wrenching on bikes. Forged pistons are the way to go and Wiseco makes a great one.
  11. J_Daniels

    Back to the 125!

    Get both. They both have a valid place and are equally fun for different reasons and different environments. I have an 03 CR125 and it is the perfect little brother to my 06 CRF450R.
  12. J_Daniels

    Tire changes

    When you can't make it up stuff you used to be able to, or lose control when you used to have it. Some tires work well until the tread is low than others, and in dry conditions you can usually get away with more wear on a tire than in the wet. Usually I find that a tire with half its tread depth gone is junk; some guys change out when the knobs get rounded, some guys run them completely bald. You can see why this is a bit of a judgement call.
  13. J_Daniels

    I want to buy a bike

    As stated, the seller needs to get his ducks in a row and make sure the bank has the title IN HAND at a certain branch. You and the seller show up together. You hand the bank cash or a cashier's check, they sign the title and hand it to you and give the seller the excess from the loan repayment. I have bought and sold many vehicles his way, it's completely standard proceedure.
  14. J_Daniels

    Dilemma...Help an old guy

    No doubt, keep the 450 and buy a 2- stroke as well. The loss you'd take on the 450 would buy a very nice late model smoker anyway.
  15. The KLX is a lot more bike than the CRF80, they are in a different class completely. If you were to compare a CRF100 to a KLX110 I'd still go with the Kawi- they are a better bike for larger riders- frame, suspension and power are all a bit superior.