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  1. Don't get me wrong here, iv seen some slick looking supermoto bikes, but some are just straight up ridiculous looking, like why would u put a windshield on a dirt bike, or replace your perfectly fine looking gas tank with one that is 1/3 the size of your bike, its just wrong. And can someone explain to me the point of turning your dirt bike into pretty much a straight street bike, if you wanted that why didn't you just buy a crouch rocket in the first place, i mean honestly, their similar in a lot of ways. i mean no offence by this but iv seen some goofy lookin shit
  2. RetributioN

    hotcams stage 1 & stage 2

    so why is the stage 2 exhaust cheaper than the stage 1 exhaust cam, and what does duration mean? i understand the lift but what does duration do
  3. RetributioN

    Mirror mirror on my bars

    I just ordered a pair of duel starts yesterday, they look sic