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  1. chevelle396

    Problem with my 2000 TW200

    took off the float bowl, doused it all with carb cleaner, soaked the little jets on the intake side with cleaner then blew through them with a straw. The only yamaha dealer around here is run by a bunch of high school kids. I might take it to a local bike mechanic that put on a new rear tire for me.
  2. chevelle396

    Problem with my 2000 TW200

    took out the carb and cleaned it up today, but it didn't make much of a difference. It seems like it's running really rich, getting some black smoke out of the exhaust.
  3. chevelle396

    Problem with my 2000 TW200

    I haven't heard a complaint from anyone who hasn't actually ridden one. Some people balk at the size, but I could care less how tiny it is, it's just a blast to ride. hopefully I'll have it good as new soon.
  4. chevelle396

    Problem with my 2000 TW200

    I'm lovin the TW! it's the perfect bike for me. I don't want to get on the highway, so I don't care about the top end. It's really easy to ride around town, and although I haven't been offroad much with it, seems like it's decent for light stuff there too. have you found any aftermarket stuff for it? I understand there's basically none. i'd kinda like a stiffer rear shock. i'm a big guy. I'll definitely clean out the carb tomorrow. anything I need to be careful with or should i just take it off and go at it with some B12 chemtool carb cleaner?
  5. chevelle396

    Problem with my 2000 TW200

    2800, and I'm positive that it sat for 6-8 months before I bought it. it actually doesn't have an inline fuel filter, but I am going to grab one when I get the spark plug.
  6. Hi, sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum, but I didn't see anything on general tech, so dual sport was the closest I could think of. About a month and a half ago I bought my first bike, a 2000 model Yamaha TW200. It worked great for a few weeks, then developed a problem which I haven't been able to diagnose yet. If you roll the throttle on too quickly, it will choke and die, even when fully warm. I can't tell if it's getting too much fuel or what. If the throttle is opened slowly, it revs up fine. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this, and what you did to fix it. I'm going to change the sparkplug and clean out the air filter and spark arrestor tomorrow.