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  1. elevatorjunky

    Pushing lights on a "12" TE310

    I broke the bike in today. Awesome time,will post more later. Im packing to leave town.
  2. elevatorjunky

    My Ride Report - Why is the BLM so completely inept?

    The no vehicle sign is obviosly pertaining to mountain bikes. . I noticeed a picture of no trespassing signs along trails. In my area a rancher has a dirt road running right through his property "this poor guy has houses and barns within 10 feet of both sides of the road" that is legal to drive on with a no trespassing sign on both sides. These signs were legaly placed but they mean on either side of the road. This is very confusing and I believe to trick people to turn back. I have ran across this trick a few times. I'm sure this is old news to you land rules experts. I just got interested in this topic and wanted to chime in.
  3. elevatorjunky

    Pushing lights on a "12" TE310

    I'm on the same boat KTMblake. I love more power but it is too late to make the move to the 12 hole on delivery. The benefit is at least to help others with the experience I will gain by trying both. I hope Aaron8, weantrite and robertaccio are on alot I have a feeling their expertise and knowledge are helpful. I appreciate the time answering and all youre suggestions. I'm picking up the bike and box of goodies on Saturday .Then i'm officially in the club. I wish there was a thread dedicated to this bike. That makes it more easy to jump in. My biggest complaint about this bike is the ugly license plate holder and blinkers . Im not even gonna ride the bike with them. Those mirrors are getting tossed too, they may work good on the road but look out of place on that bike. I've been riding with the cheasy Acerbis on the left only for years.
  4. elevatorjunky

    Pushing lights on a "12" TE310

    I spent 20 minutes writing a post thanking everyone and asking a couple more questions and it got deleted. To recap I am glad for all the replies and am confident the stator will push my lights. I will call the dealer and if the bike has not been uncorked and mapped yet will see about the 12 hole injector and TXC ECU. Thanks all, and that 60 MPG is exciting even if it was just close to that.
  5. elevatorjunky

    Pushing lights on a "12" TE310

    Im getting the extreme racelight. two 2" and one 4" hid. Its for technical riding up to 50 mph. I was promised the stock stator will be fine.Im holding off on the fuel injector upgrades, tuners and pipe until I ride for a few months. I am having all the other power up's and the bike mapped before pick up. I am sure I will add the all the other upgrades soon and I am confident what I am bringing home will suit me for the mean time. I will also be able to compare as I build the bike up. I thank all for the advice and I feel very educated on the bike and dont even have it yet. I think this bike will suit me well and be super fun. Please if anyone can tell me more I am very interested. AAron you will hear from me very soon. I am happy to ride with a fellow Husky owner.
  6. elevatorjunky

    Pushing lights on a "12" TE310

    Thanks for the replies. I did also order a desert tank i forgot to mention it ,that was the most important thing to me besides the "closed course upgrades obviosly".The dealer Eric seems to truly believe the bike will perform well with his mapping after the break in ride and implied it would be a one shot deal. He also said the stock pipe is a great exhaust. I think he is genuin in his belief. Their are some guys that like things simple and he belives the bike is made good the way it is. I like most of you laughed inside at this but I thought I would hold off on the exhaust and tuner for a couple of months but will now not sign on the dotted line without these items. I want to force all the power out of this little engine I can.Sorry about spelling I havent figured out spell check yet. I also dont like to manually Capitalize my I,s either. I will have to mes with this computers settings. Again thanks for the advice I will go for the pipe and tuner for sure. Is their any debate on brands? Are the ones mentioned the best options? Post one more time like im dumb please. This is my first EFI bike and dont want to waste money. Several items were mentined for tuning. And injectors too? If these are worth the money tell me why please. Im curios from the owners of these bikes whats going to make the best goat trail night rideable bike. I wont even buy it though unless I can at least push a 100 watt race light, I knew I would get the real story here, you guys are great for the help. Aaron what were you riding before? I remember the name but not the bike. You can count on a call from me. Im taking that damn 2t apart again for seals so I will probobaly get my new one befor the 380 is done. After that ill take you on a sick ride . I just hope I can make this bike what I need it to be. The money is adding up fast.
  7. elevatorjunky

    No power up kit incluced with 2012 TE310?

    I just posted for the first time in this forum and just bought the same bike. Mine comes with the kit from the dealer i went to. The other dealer I almost purchesed from wasnt going to include it"said i could buy it for 50$ and i saw no chain or sprocket in this kit". I was happy to see i also get a longer chain and big rear sprocket because from what i read it is a must for my riding style and trail type. I would call Eric's Cycle's in Pasadena im sure he can sell you the kit. The dealer I was going to buy from said CARB was the reason it wouldn't come with the bike but how do they know if i,m riding closed course or not ?
  8. elevatorjunky

    Pushing lights on a "12" TE310

    Hey Husky guys! After alot of reasearch and consideration i have bought a new "12" 310. This is a dirt bike not a freeway or commuter machine. It came down between the 350 exc and the 310, I went with the 310 because the platform which it was built on was better for the riding it will be done on "I can live with a few less cc's".My other dirtbike is a 2 stroke 380 ktm plated of course that will be used for my open class needs. I am financing all the aftermarket parts right off the bat to prevent arguments with my wife at why i get packages constantly in the mail for a brand new bike. If you guys can help with any advice on what the bike needs i would appreciate it. It will be used on goat trails in the desert and forrest and ridden all year round. I ordered Cycra hand guards, metal bash plate, steering stableizer mount, small licence plate holder with flush mount led blinkers and a Trailtec Racelight. Possible future upgrades are pegs, mapping device and a pipe" the dealer says i wont need these". My main concern is will the stator push the light "needs 65-100 watts". I cant find any info on aftermarket or rewind services on this bike. Has anyone gotten a rewind? what is the stock output? I want to light up singletracks at night and need to know if this bike can do this. Any help is greatly appreciated. If anyone wants to ride I live in Acton CA any have many miles of secret trails for all riding skills except newbs.
  9. elevatorjunky

    Help me find a KTM (2 stroke most likely)

    Oh if you dont listen and buy one make sure its a 2000 or newer with the better stator "2k3". Ive spent over 4 k on suspension and wheels and engine and need a new side case now to push lights.
  10. elevatorjunky

    Help me find a KTM (2 stroke most likely)

    I have a plated 380 with a big tank. I cant take my bike to do what you want. No way not even close. 70 mph for 100 yards and 75 miles on a desert tank.Oiling at gas stations is possible but sucks and you will need lots of containers. I would have bought a different bike if i knew. I now ride for different reasons, because i accidentaly bought a dual sport 2t. Super fast crazy lightweight so fun between trails it feels illegal. I am getting a a 4t for carying the bags, gas and even a starter. But i also need money.I can honestly say id rather have an old xr600 then my 380 on a 500 mile ride.I think ill wait for long rides until i can get a real bike for the job.PM me and ill send my phone # you should learn from my mistakes. 2t not a good camping bike.
  11. elevatorjunky

    LPNF sunday morning, 9/19?

    Did you get youre bars on?Let me know,I might do that loop with you.
  12. elevatorjunky

    Is Rowher Flats open?

    This must be someone who started an account just too mess with people.
  13. elevatorjunky

    Is Rowher Flats open?

    Its not open yet.
  14. elevatorjunky

    Nothing But The Best That Purgatory Has To Offer

    Where do I sign up to join your guys gang?That was epic great pics.
  15. elevatorjunky

    Wheres my leak?

    It may be coming out of the handlebars.