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    Front forks with Nitrogen? Help!

    Yes, it does look similar to this, except there is only one tank. Does this mean that it is not under pressure like the Nitrogen ones? Also, there is an adjustment screw in the side of the tank, what does that do?
  2. I just bought an 04 crf250R for my son, and I need some help. I noticed a little oil leaking out of one the front forks. These forks have JMC Racing on them, and also have a single nitrogen bottle connected where the bleeder screws would be (definitely not stock). Can someone either tell me where in Southern MI that I can have this worked on, or what I should do to fix. I am fairly mechanical, but have never worked with suspensions. I'm a little afraid of really messing something up. Also, why would this have a nitrogen bottle connected up front. I know they have one for the back, but unsure why the front. Thanks! Tim