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  1. Zapp22

    Need reco: DR650 Grips with throttle

    hate to confuse threads but better I post new on R6 tubes...
  2. Zapp22

    Need reco: DR650 Grips with throttle

    I'd love to give them a try but I need a blasted throttle tube! which one to buy? would this work? https://www.denniskirk.com/193875.sku?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cse&gclid=CPOj-u6h7b0CFa1j7Aod93UAuw isn't the main diff in 7/8th throttle tubes simply the length and whether it is single- or dual-cable ??? good grief... trying to find one that specifies this model is ...
  3. Zapp22

    Need reco: DR650 Grips with throttle

    gang I have a need for a decent pair of grips with the throttle sleeve on right. i'm sure many of you have done this upgrade what works? links would help standard bars... in this case pro-taper se
  4. appreciate that input. if I can find the mod I'll move it. didn't think of hunting a proper suspension silo
  5. gang I don't really belong in this folder 'cause I know little about m/c engineering. computers a diff story... I'm getting ready to pickup another bike: for the second time buying a original-issue 'weestrom' to accompany my 97 Mighty DR650. I have shared parts between these bikes before and learnt a few things from it. stock weestrom springs are downright magical dropped into the DR, for instance. I have 'long legs' for the weestrom that I had custom built years ago for wee-#1. the effort was to strip it down to the essentials for street-legal, and raise it at least an inch if not 2. I was able to go to 2" higher. the forks are basically weestrom guts/lowers with DR tubes. My question - which I've been wondering about - I note that spring lengths from the major best suppliers seems to be carefully planned. katoom 990 springs are shorter, for instance than the DR's 550mm length. Weestrom stockers another length. 690R a different length. etc. I was told by someone "spring length does not matter", to which I was speculating that 'any spring will do', then, as all of them can be cut down to raise the rate, so just keep on a'cuttin' until they reach the target rate? what's the real skinny? in my mind, I'm on my way to buying a 550 length spring, but unsure if the rate can be achieved. it was telling to me to do this little exercise: I used Racetech's calculator to do measures for a KTM 990 Adventure. I input nothing unusual... interesting results for 'chum in the water': read carefully: Modifiers: Riding Type: Trail/Enduro Age: 30-44 Years Old Skill Level: Dirt Intermediate/Expert/A Class Height: Tall (6'3" or 190cm plus) Gas Tank: Standard Gas Tank FRONT FORK SPRINGS Recommended Fork Spring Rate: 0.745 kg/mm (use closest available) Stock Fork Spring Rate: ? kg/mm(stock) Available FRSP 4351 Series Springs are: RT FRK SPR 43.2x508mm .40kg FRSP 435140 $114.99 RT FRK SPR 43.2x508mm .42kg FRSP 435142 $114.99 RT FRK SPR 43.2x508mm .44kg FRSP 435144 $114.99 RT FRK SPR 43.2x508mm .46kg FRSP 435146 $114.99 RT FRK SPR 43.2x508mm .48kg FRSP 435148 $114.99 RT FRK SPR 43.2x508mm .50kg FRSP 435150 $114.99 RT FRK SPR 43.2x508mm .52kg FRSP 435152 $114.99 RT FRK SPR 43.2x508mm .54kg FRSP 435154 $114.99 the 990 adv is around 20lbs lighter than the weestrom and I assume less front heavy... So does Racetech truly have no spring to suit? according to the theory, just sell a shorter spring! what's the real factual truth guys?
  6. Zapp22

    Lever Options: brake & clutch

    so somebody broke off my brake lever.... I found an old TT post from way back on this topic re: using XR levers and/or perches.... I'm open to whatever suggestions, but I'd like to find a shorter, curvier 2-finger 'trigger' for each if such a thing is possible. What I could not nail down from the discussion of xrr parts is whether the xrr levers will just 'plug and play'... will they? the discussion branched to the superiority of the xrr perches, but there was dispute then about whether stock threaded mirrors [dr] would plug/play on the xrr perches. can someone pls help me out? I don't want to make a remodel project out of just a couple of good levers !! At one time I had both a D/S'd BRP and 2002 DR in the garage side by side and never thought to check these particular details! can't remember
  7. Zapp22

    DR650 NSU-Fix Goof? did I cause a problem?

    can someone tell me the proper orientation of the clutch rack release ? i have this foggy recollection of that thing not being 'firm' in its seat [is that the bearing?] when I pull those plates its the first thing I want to check. Will also turn the bearing for wear signs what could be causing the Neutral light to come and go? it will flicker, go on sometimes, not others...
  8. Zapp22

    DR650 NSU-Fix Goof? did I cause a problem?

    pawl? is that the big plastic pin that sits behind the clutch plates? another question: the clutch plates themselves appear to be the same on each side: does it matter the orientation? I'm pretty sure I kept the stack as is when I reinstalled, but I mic'd several of them individually and checked for any unusual wear or whatever. I noticed yesterday, just moving it around to air tires [i have a bad tube] and such, the Neutral indicator is flaky... it works intermittently. not a good sign
  9. gang I have a question for you smart 'wrenches' somewhere I read a post titled something like "lessons from the NSU fix" ... can't find it; shoulda bookmarked and didn't. I worked on my '97 model awhile back to secure the nsu fasteners. I replaced the clutch basket, and have a new clutch cable installed [the old one frayed at the case and fell apart]. Ever since this 'combo fix' I have had trouble with grindy/gritty 1st gear shift and 2nd gear shift. Adjusting the cable at both ends to "Perfection" and beyond had no effect on the issue. its not the cable. I mic'd the plates while i had the basket off and they were "spot on" the middle of the range. what I'm wondering is if I goofed something. its been awhile and a couple of the notes in the thread I misplaced have haunted me. One was the orientation of that big "pin" that sorta floats in the case divider [what is that thing called?] to me, in my memory, it had no particular orientation and I recall that bugging me at the time. it seemed to move freely either way but the thread poster [one of you?] said only one orientation is correct. The other issue was simply not matching the fastener - getting one too long. I recall worrying about that since I could only find a bolt that was either too long or too short, but the long one seemed not to be an issue ... it wasn't THAT long and there was nothing to interfere with on the other side that i could SEE... that's the problem.... trying to understand something I don't have any skill at. is it possible my shift issues are due to one of these issues? The other thing I noticed that's diff is that the "drop" from 3rd back to 2nd seems stranger & more pronounced since doing this work. its like falling off a cliff if you can imagine. all help greatly appreciated. I plan to open it up today and have a look. z
  10. was this the consensus everyone reached? to use the Raptor petcock? would like something really small with a 90-turn toward the carb.... thx z
  11. Zapp22

    Source for seat cover or material?

    I'm moving toward a white/med blue look to my '97 and am wanting to change the seat cover to either medium blue or light gray. Anyone know of aftermarket source for something that will fit? I have a very old memory of some offroad etc big supplier that had seat stuff for DR350, and I think the DR350 and DR650 seats are about the same dimensions, if not exact. ???
  12. Zapp22

    Turnsignals reco?

    Are those halogen or LED or conventional?
  13. Zapp22

    Turnsignals reco?

    hi folks springtime here in Tejas and one issue I want to fix is a broken rear turnsignal. I thought I'd go with something diff back there. anyone found a flexible turnsig you just love that plugs/plays with the stock location & mount? Procycle has a set of mini stalk-type that has little halogen bulbs, set of 4 for about 30. Anyone tried those? the descrip is MINI 12V TURN SIGNALS pack of four
  14. Zapp22

    Inline filter, petcock filter, or no filter???

    how does it come out? also, do you or anyone else reading this know how to rotate that nipple? is there a way?
  15. Gang I recently had a rash of gas-feed issues. I have on 02 and a 97 model - came out one day and noticed gas puddle - the inline clear filter I had between IMS tank and carb had sorta disintegrated. that led to carb cleanup [long story..] and tank cleaning, line cleaning, etc.... then just after got that one running again, noticed my IMS tank cap seal had disintegrated on the 97 model... the black debris was all in the tank.... yadayada SO.... brings the subject of the post: i was looking for a filter with replaceable screen - something that would not be subject to glue giving way etc, but then I got to wondering "why not filter at the tank". Anybody got ideas on this? And, is the little screen in the Stock DR carb replaceable??