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  1. Wondering if any thumpertalk members are riding at the Raceway Park practice track Sunday Dec.13, 2015? I'm from Ocean County. I'll be there breaking in my new Husky FC250. Weather is supposed to be in the 60's no rain. Anybody going? Let me know. Looking for people to ride with.
  2. moto120

    New 2014 EC300...some newbie set up questions

    Another Gas Gas newbie here in New Jersey, Just picked up a new 2013 Gas Gas XC300E. Looking for some set up tips. I guess everything suggested for 95jersey's bike applies to mine. Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. moto120

    New 2014 EC300...some newbie set up questions

    95 jersey check your pm Ed B
  4. Is anyone riding/racing the NEOC off road hare scramble series in New Jersey (south Jersey)? This years series has a shortened schedule (only 5 races), All of the races are in South Jersey. Series runs from April to November 2015 I will be riding the C vet class. Classes for all ages!! If anyone from Jersey is racing the series, let me know (email or pm me). Can park together, help out with pit stops, bike repairs, etc. For info go to neocracing.com Ed B
  5. moto120

    Off-road series on Saturday ?

    I'm in the same situation as you, I work shift work. Usually work sundays also. All of the ECEA events are on a Sunday. Same with the NEOC series for adults. I would recommend joining one of the ECEA clubs. They ride enduro's and hare scrambles. Members ride both weekdays as well as weekends. Englishtown is always a possibility to.
  6. moto120

    2014 WR250F?

    You have to look at the global (worldwide) picture, not just the U.S. WR250F's are sold worldwide and have a rather large following. Would not be surprised to see a new WR250F based on the 2014 YZ250F in the near future. For what its worth, I own a 2012 wr250F.
  7. Mr. T-bolt Did you take the bike out and get it dirty yet? your thoughts on the bike after riding/testing?
  8. I saw one in person. Seems like a nice bike. Very Honda-ish looking. Very similar specs to honda crf250x. 10 lbs heavier though. Suspension looks similar to showa .Who manufactures this bike? Anybody actually own one? I was thinking about getting one but have not seen any actual reviews on the internet. Only a few youtube videos. Would like to make contact with someone who actually has one for their review/opinion on the bike.
  9. moto120

    Dual Sporting A RM250

    Saw your post regarding dual sporting a Suzuki RM250. I have a 1997 Suzuki RMX250 (2-stroke) for sale with a New Jersey title. Bike has been ridden only300 miles. $1995.00 like new condition.Located in So. Jersey I believe baja designs may have a dualsport kit for this bike. If you know anyone looking for a two stroke enduro W/title, let then know. Thanks, Ed B email: e.brechka@att.net