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  1. I no mo Beta, but seems like everybody else does over here, good ole 200 XC-W love that little bike! And to top it off I didn't bring a GoPro, after close to 40 years I neva like you guys see me ready Fo Tap Out!!!! Are you coming over for our DS ride at the end of May? There's gonna be some good stuff!!!!
  2. Hawaii

    A friend recently went the Vermont route with a Pampera, he had to get it in compliance with Hawaii Safety Inspection standards; turn signals, horn, at least one brake light switch, reflectors, one mirror, DOT Tires and maybe a couple of other things (Don't recall all, got my 200 plated early 2011 before the law changed). What they told him is that he could NOT sell the bike as "Plated" later, the street title was NOT transferable. I'm hanging on to my '11 200 XC-W for a long time, really sad they did away with plating dirt bikes, yet the "Custom" bike builders can still build choppers.... Good Luck!!!!
  3. Ha ha! Thanks!!! This is a great rock to ride!!! The rear angle is from our 73 year old buddy Gasser, guys passing him are a former Baja 1000 rider, next is Big Joe who finished 21st in this years KOM, and then Tony who has pretty much won everything in Hawaii at least once. That's a stock KTM SuMo a friend left at my house. Funny, most people notice her, that last section she cleaned first crack after numerous Fails by the boys, No Doubt that video will be coming out!!! Big DS ride coming up this May and most of these trails will be on the "Optional" route, they're hard on a 200 on a 450+ No Thank You!
  4. Some Hard, some tech, some just plain fun Big Island Riding... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccg-yZkL54I
  5. He usually is by himself but not only that the dude is 72 Years Old!!! You know you're in for a Beat Down when Gasser calls and says "Hey, come over and help me break in a new trail, I got it flagged and ready to ride!"
  6. Y'up, with the exception of East Germany, most of the former Soviet Block countrys are Wide Open when it comes to trail riding and having fun! I wish we had that problem here...
  7. Yep, '09 MK200, '13 is toast but there's going to be a Two Day DS ride instead and it'll be one where you'll want a plated Two Smoke for the Hilo side and a 450 for the Leeward side we did the same thing in 2010, the State DLNR is making it too hard to get a permit in time cut enough trails.
  8. That move at :34 was pretty awesome!
  9. Here's a pic my buddy got of her at the ISDE.
  10. Trophy and Junior Trophy Riders at the ISDE in Germany.
  11. Got to see and Cheer for your Sister in Sachsen, here she is with the rest of the Women at the last Special Test: Awesome job she did there!!!
  12. Certainly do, there's a lot of talent out there!!! I got to go to the 2012 ISDE in Sachsen, Germany last month and the Europeans Definitely support the women riders, the Germans didn't really cheer on other countrys but when the women came through it didn't matter where they were from all of them got the "Wupp, wupp, wupp,wupp. wupp!!", Cowbells, Horns, and in one case a Chainsaw with no bar on it revving out a couple hundred decibels for encouragement. Here are the American women, 405 Rachel Gutish, 505 Mandi Mastin, and 605 Sarah Whitmore: Great job Ladies!!!!
  13. Not only Motocross (Cross here in Europe) but some SuperMoto too. 2012 International Six Day Enduro "Club" riders on the last day.
  14. Kekoa Estrella went to Erzberg in 2010 and made a awesome showing, enough so that he was offerred a Husqavarna ride if he came back the next year, local riders have always done well when they head off to the mainland and beyond to race!