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  1. rycb77

    My 2006 TE 510 computer died...

    Yea I am going to play with some connections tonight and see if that brings it back to life... Yes the central LCD display does not come on at all anymore... I noticed a few parts of the numerals missing while I was at Hollister then last week at Clear Creek it did not show anything. I am not particularly bothered by it but it was kinda nice to have... I will keep playing with and post back.
  2. We now have two bikes 2006 TE 510's that have dead computers... Both died in cold weather ~38 degrees. Anybody else have the same problem?
  3. rycb77

    2006 TE250 Flooding and Stalling

    My 2006 TE 510 runs like a champ with all stock emission setup... Of course I have only had it on 3 rides so the jury is still out.
  4. rycb77

    Whats in the 06 box?

    I bought the 06 TE510 and it came with this: Owners manual Mirrors Rear foot pegs Competition silencer Headlight switch removal replacement Handgaurds Various special tools My bike also came with blinkers but they were installed when I got it. -Ryan
  5. rycb77

    TE250 or TE450?

    I suggest the 510. The powerband is so smooth that you would hardly think its a 510. Compared to my CRF450R it feels like a 250. My Honda hits hard and fast, you have to give it a little bit more to really get the 510 going. It is a really comfortable bike in every situation and I am sure the 450 would feel the same. But the weights between these bikes are about the same and not even worth mentioning. It is still a debate about what "dry weight" means to these different manufactures. My version of dry weight is the bike less drainable fuel and crankase/transmission oil. Husqvarna says the 510 is 257.5lbs without fuel in the manual... so if you add on 15.84lbs(6.6lbs per gallon) for fuel you would have 273.34, but it does not feel that heavy. The 450 would be 272lbs and the 250 would be 260lbs. 13 pounds to go from a 250 to a 510? lol... Ill take it!
  6. Billet kickstand with internal spring like the pro moto billet ones! Ya and for sure the heat guard.
  7. rycb77

    06 Te450 Is A Dual Sport

    This is awesome. Well its about time to retire the ole 2002 CRF 450R, plan to sell it and pick up a 2006 TE510. It is not about using this bike to commute to work its about going camping/biking and wanting to go on road down the general store because well, you just can. I was planning on purchasing another bike just to do that and use my CR for serious backwoods riding. Versatility is the name of the game for me, I am glad to see that Husqvarna stepped up to the plate here... I assume other manufacturers will be following suit in the coming years but I will not wait for them, I need a new bike and this one fits the bill for the type of riding I do. Plus I only have to buy and maintain 1 bike instead of 2. I also have been increasingly impressed with Husqvarna over the last few years and this is just the deal closer. I still want to spit on California for the all the crap they gave me over green stickers, out of state bikes, how now brown cow... With this bike the ranger will ask: "green sticker, red sticker??? Oh,,,, you have a plate." Damn straight.
  8. rycb77

    What city in Calif do you live in? 4 ride hook up

    San Jose, CA here...
  9. rycb77

    best camping in stonyford?

    Hey guys, new here. I am planning a trip with friends and bikes to mendocino national forest and was wondering what is the best place for camping/fishing/biking... Anybody camped there recently? Thanks! -Ryan