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  1. CRF250C

    2005 CRF Engine Stalling

    Alright, I am having a huge problem with engine stalling. It seems every race i have at least 2 or 3. What i want to know is what i can do about this? My friend told me to adjust my idle. So does anyone else have this problem alot? and what do you do? HELP ME! IM SICK OF KICKING AND KICKING!
  2. CRF250C

    c-class race????

    What the hell is D class?
  3. CRF250C

    I Need To Ride!

    IM GOING up here in northern Minnesota! Does anyone know how far i would haft to travel to ride? Anyone have an open track or know of one a bit farther south? Just wondering how far i would need to go to ride!
  4. CRF250C

    New Track

    Hey everyone im up North Minnesota and i just wanted to tell everyone that there is a new track up in two Harbors, at the fairgrounds. First race will be on Sunday $15 a class AMA sanctioned. So get your bikes together and head up to northern Minnesota for a great race!