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    Rekluse Pro for beginner rider

    CoastRider, I think it is great that your wife is willing to ride with you. I did the same thing with my wife, She has a KTM 200XC and was having trouble on the tight trails in the mountains. I put a Rekluse clutch and the left hand brake and we ride together in places that I am amazed she can make it. As for lugging it in to high of a gear and wearing the discs, I have been worried about that for almost a year now and every time I go in and check the clutch, it is still in great shape. We will go up some very steep and rocky hills and when I get to the top I will get off to help her because I think that she wont make it, she puts it in second gear and with both feet on the ground slowly makes her way up. I just close my eyes and picture the discs burning and the steel plates turning blue and heat cracked, but when I look at them they are still cherry. I am a believer now and best of all, she is able to ride in most of the places that I used to have to ride by myself. She is now racing in the desert series and leading the womens class so far this year. A few months ago, she signed up and raced the Best in the Desert race in Laughlin. I am now mostly competing for time to ride. Good luck and have fun!!
  2. HydrauMark

    WP 5018 PDS shock

    John, Thanks for the tip, I have not removed any plugs or oil so on this go around I think I am safe with the piston height. By your statement, I am assuming that the piston height is set with a depth mic through the hole in the cap where I am going to put my schrader valve. If that is true, with a little math I can still set correct height knowing the thickness of the cap. I will be getting into this again next week after my new rebound screw gets in as I have the broken one that you show in you picture, and while I'm at it I would like to open it up to change the oil. That being said, do you know where I can find a good manual or a link that gives proper bleeding instructions and separator piston heights and anything else that I may need to know? I have rebuilt and revalved several Showa Shocks but this is my first whack at a WP. Best of all, it is not mine so I have no problems trying it. However, it is on my wife's bike so I am not completely off the hook if I mess it up. Thanks, Mark
  3. HydrauMark

    WP 5018 PDS shock

    Hi John, I know a little time has gone by on this thread but I'm hoping that you are still here. Great advise and between that and the Pics this thread has been very helpful. I do have another question for you, after this is all done and I go to charge with nitrogen, I am sitting here with this stupid little screw and o-ring and no matter how fast I put the screw in, I can't beat the nitrogen getting out. My thought is to just machine the aluminum cap to accept a good high pressure Schrader valve. Does this sound like an acceptable option to you? Thanks, Mark
  4. HydrauMark

    ice cube 307cc anyone done this?

    I have an 04 CRF302 that has been an awsome bike in the Enduro races and the mountain riding. It filled the gap nicely between the 250 and the 450. If anyone is interested, I am selling it. Although I live the bike, I can't afford to keep 2 of them and the majority of our Desert Races are more top end and sand washes so the 450 wins that one.