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  1. TS77

    pit bike gallery!!!!!!

    Hey Jbone, to me it looks like its sitting a little high in the front. I would slide the forks up in the clamps a little. But I bet you will mess with it once you are able to ride it and get a feel for what the frame geometry feels like. Sick bike though. I wish mine was like that.
  2. TS77

    Current Stoney Conditions

    Ya, I dont think that would be the best place to go. We never go there for thanksgiving, or other big holidays because it gets way too busy. I havent been up there in a couple weeks, but there isnt any snow when I went. We havent really had any storms up here. I would highly doubt you would see any snow.
  3. TS77

    Black Pitster X4

    It depends on how hard you ride it and how much you ride it.
  4. TS77

    Big Fat Wheelie!!!!

    dang, should get a camelbak with some soda in it and have a bag of chips in your left hand. Thats what I would do. That was a long wheelie. I would be so bored. I can go pretty far on my 50, but I dont think I would have ever tried to go that far.
  5. TS77

    2 - stroke song

    haha, thats great
  6. TS77

    VID of RC'S 4 wheeled race

    uhh.. ya it is. Looks like he is having a good learning curve.
  7. TS77

    Got bored, so sorry

    Ya, I like the KTM one too, except I dont like the white background on the number plate.. But its still cool. It looks like red is a hard color cuz to me, all the other ones look more believable.
  8. TS77

    Front brake help!

    ya, just make sure that you don't let go of the brake lever while you have the bleeder cap open. The bleeder cap in your picture looks like its above where the brake line goes into the caliper. It looks like this http://faq.f650.com/FAQs/Photos/BrakePhotos/RearBrakeBleedNippleCoverOff.jpg ^thats not my photo, found it on google.
  9. TS77

    Rear mono shock

    Ya, ive seen a couple on there, but not a lot that have the compression knob.. most just have the rebound.. Thanks for the help though
  10. TS77

    Rear mono shock

    Anyone have a pitster pro rear mono shock, RCM phase, or fast ace shock they want to sell?
  11. TS77

    Got A Set Of Fast Ace Forks~!!!

    Ya, thats why I bought a set cuz i cant flip the bill for zokes :/ Glad you guys have good things to say about them. It was either those or SP-5's and the inverted fast ace ones looked nice.
  12. TS77

    Got A Set Of Fast Ace Forks~!!!

    How do you like them? Because I just ordered some.
  13. TS77

    Wankers, check out my bike

    How long is that swingarm?
  14. TS77

    what is better mono swing arm or A-style?

    What if you're hardcore trails? Well, trails mostly with a little bit of track? No street, ramps, and wheeling I could worry less about. Im pretty good on the A so i bet it just takes a little getting use to. So is a mono ok for mostly trail with a little track? Say 85% trail and 15% track? Nothing else
  15. TS77

    Got A Set Of Fast Ace Forks~!!!

    Hey is that rear swingarm the Staggs one?