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    Judge For Your Self

    what the hell are you talking about saying "what was matt walker thinking?" walker is on the same team as tedesco, tedesco couldnt pick up his bike because that little B*tch was standing on it(tedesco is in the points lead). matt walker came over there to help kick alessi out of the way to help his teammate. i think he did the right thing. i can bet you walker wouldnt have done that if tedesco wasnt on his team.
  2. mothman31


    i'v seen those before i think. i have also seen the ones in the back way to canyon lake off the 15 those look pretty sick.
  3. mothman31

    Hi I'm new! :)

    i think its funny because shes a girl her simple hello gets about 54 post in the first hour. i remember seeing these pictures before on the net
  4. mothman31

    RIP Javad Palizbanian

    got a video of that crash?
  5. mothman31

    Lake Elsinore MX park

    does it happen to have a quad track too? one of my buddies has a quad and he goes wherever we go so thats why i been just staying at elsinore.
  6. mothman31

    Lake Elsinore MX park

    hey guys is there any other tracks with in 30 mins from elsinore? i ride there all the time but lately its been really bad.
  7. actually welcome todays youth and parenting. maybe this is your first experiance to this new way of controling your kids. its called doing nothing because little billy will throw a huge fit if i dare tell him to stop. or its the other way "no not my little billy he's a great kid and he's just really upset he lost he'll stop throwing his stuff when he's done being upset." people these days i sware. adults dont know how to be adults. if you cant raise your kid to be respectful of others and take there licks then dont have kids at all. a few days ago i was at baskin robins by my house when i pulled up there were a whole bunch of kids playing in the water fountain, actually in the fountain. i couldnt believe it they were actually dressed in swim trunks one kid even had a rash guard on.. then these same kids were playing with these big marble balls that shoot water from the top and they were making it spray every where. they got a whole bunch of people wet including me and my girlfriend. i was so pissed, so i went looking for there parents to my suprise it was these two moms who were sitting at this table with a whole bunch of towels laughing at there kids. i ripped into them telling them this isnt a place for your kids to play and how im soaking wet and so is my girlfriend. they went on to say hey they can play where ever they want. so i assured them they havent heard the last of me. so i went back into baskin robins called security on there phone and waited till they showed up. the stupid women even tried to argue with them. they finally left after security threatend them that they would call the cops. i couldnt believe how retarted parents are these days.
  8. mothman31

    01 vs. 02

    i just recently bought an 01 and i love the bike. its up to you just make sure it has the 03 cam. other wise if your not a big racer or whatever your not going to know the difference from an 01 and a 02
  9. mothman31

    Question for people running an FMF Q

    i have the same exact problem with my Q pipe it seems that the rpms just arent getting there. nice to know someone else is in the same boat. im having mine serviced at the end of the month. i think it could be in the jetting but im going to ask them. did you rejet your bike after you installed the q pipe?
  10. ok pal... here is my entry although its being redone...
  11. mothman31

    X-games supermoto crash

    yeah, man i did the same thing as the first one. i ended braking my wrist...
  12. mothman31


    thanks guys, well i just went down to my local store and they told me the same thing as you wrooster so i bought the brass ones. think they were $11. i talked to the guy about the bog problem and what you guys wrote and he said that maybe when the guy bought the new fmf q pipe he didnt rejet. i unfortantly have no clue how to jet a bike even with the manual im sort of confused. so i think im gonna bring it down to the shop tomarrow and have him rejet it. tricky: your right about that its a lot different then my 125 and im still getting used to it. i like the four stroke so much better. thanks guys for the quick replys i really appriciate it!
  13. mothman31


    well thankyou very much! im very relieved to hear all of this it sounds simple. i was preparing myself for the worst. i will read those articles and then check the manual. also i was thinking about buying a stainless steal oil filter. so i dont have to fork $10 every ride or so. can someone tell me if they work and would you recomend it?
  14. mothman31


    hello im new here to this forum and pretty new to four strokes. i'm 18, i live in socal, i ride a 01 yz250f my first bike was a 1995 yz125 which i had recently sold to buy my 250f. i have a few questions though... i might have bought the bike from someone off this forum as he did mention this site when i was buying the bike... heres a picture of it: anyways, i think i might have a problem with the bike i just purchased (yz250f) it seems to not have good throttle control. when i punch it out of a corner (in third) it seems not to want to go. its bogging basically. i'm guessing its the valves but could this be a sign of somthing being seriously wrong? or could it someing as simply as the exaust and spark arrestor? when i bought it the guy said he hadnt messed with the valves or the engine in the year or two that he had it. he did change the oil every three rides. its got a fmf q pipe and its running on a 13tooth sproket. it still seems though that somthing is not right. when i ride my dads crf250x its got great throttle response. any help would be great!