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  1. TB ALL THE WAY!!!! i have riden the hell out of my motor and it run like a champ-NO PROBLEMS AT ALL!! the only problem is i cant ride it enough!!!!!
  2. freestylemx147

    sdg triple clamp

    do any of you guys have an extra sdg lower triple clamp for sale??? let me know thanks.
  3. fiddyguru, your bike is realy realy realy nice!!
  4. freestylemx147

    is this a real works performance shock???????

    sweet i wasnt sure i bought it off ebay for $75.
  5. hey guys i was just wondering if this is a real works performance shock or just a knock off!! thanks. http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h249/freestylemx147/worksshock.jpg http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h249/freestylemx147/worksshock2.jpg
  6. freestylemx147

    Works performance shock

    i have heard they are one of the best!!!!
  7. Now that we have seen your fiddies lets see you guys in action!!
  8. it puts out around 7 to 8. It pulls really hard for my weight (155)!!!
  9. here is my crf modded sdg http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewvehicle&vid=3994
  10. freestylemx147

    tranny help!!!

    i agree with five0!!!
  11. freestylemx147

    Brothers Birthday

  12. freestylemx147

    Brothers Birthday

    you could get him some sweet graphics! They are relatively cheap and really make the bike look cool!
  13. hey guys my little brother went over in a wheelie and broke my front fender and my rear fender in the wreck. My problem is i dont want to buy new graphics for the bike because i liked the graphics that were on it before and they are expensive, do u think it would be hard to peel off the old graphics (from the front and rear fender)and reglue or stick them on to brand new front and rear fenders? Also Where is the best place to buy plastics and graphics for the bike? thanks!
  14. freestylemx147

    16 tooth takegawa front sprocket question

    sweet thanks
  15. hey I have the 16 tooth takegawa front sprocket and when I put it on my crf 50 the circlip fits through the threads but I am unable to screw the screws into the front sprocket because the circlip and the bolt holes on the front sprocket do not line up, but if I move the circlip around I can get it to fit but it is not lined up in the threads- so It makes the front sprocket a little wiggly when I screw the bolts on, is this ok - what should I do? thanks